Grumbly and Mark

A poetic story.



2. Grumbly And Mark Meet At A Park

Grumbly: You seem to be good at everything.

Mark: How can you say?  About me, you don’t know a thing.

 Grumbly: Oh! Stop being modest!

Mark: No pal, I’m just being honest.

            I am no good at school

Grumbly: Ah! You bet I’m a bigger fool.

Mark: How can you be so sure?

Grumbly: My parents and teachers regularly assure.

Mark: So what are you good at?

Grumbly: Umm! I think I can bat.

Mark: Grand! I’m good at bowling.

Grumbly: Would you mind playing?

Mark: Why not! Let’s see how well you bat.

Grumbly: You won’t be disappointed, I can assure you that.


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