My new live with the boys

Lola have terrible parents and can´t live with them.
So , she runs away and live a new life with her new friends.
But not all are just friends...


3. Is Liam in love with me?

There we are. The Nando's. Niall said and is gone in. Liam opened me the door and smiled at me.

Thanks. i said and smiled to. When Louis went in he said to Liam : You don't have any chance. But Liam ignored him. Minutes later, we were in the bus. Liam payed for me.Niall sat with Louis,Harry with Zayn and Liam of course with me. I could see in his eyes that he was happy. Are you in love? I asked. Why do you ask? I dont know. So? Yes! But...i dont wanna say who i actually love. He said. Please! No. Liam,Lola,we are there. Niall screamed. We all have gone out. We were in Harrys home. When we enterered, Niall ran into the bathroom cause he ate too much. Zayn,Harry and Louis started to play with theire hair and i went into the room of Harry. In his room were posters from 1D and some pics from cats. Then i saw a picture with Harry. He was a baby. So cute. A five minutes later,Liam entered in the room. Hi. i said. I saw that he was shy so i said that he can sit with me on bed. When he sat down, he looked to my eyes. I was talking about Harrys room when...

Liams lips were touching my lips. It was a moment... it was good but...i dint love Liam, i dont now who i love actually...

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