My new live with the boys

Lola have terrible parents and can´t live with them.
So , she runs away and live a new life with her new friends.
But not all are just friends...


5. Harry loves me ?

I was so happy that Harry loved me cause it was my dream. A boy from one direction likes me and i can be popular to. 

Five minutes later, Harry was there. Lola, can i ask you something? he asked. In this moment, i was in another world. One way or another played in my head. I saw me and Harry in a boat, i saw Harry singing (what makes you beautiful) only for me and i saw Harry dancing with me on the ice.

Then, Harry woke me up and laughed. What are you doing? he asked. 

I'm awake! i screamed in the room. Harry fell cause i screamed very loud. Sorry! I'm so sorry.Harry stand up and said : No matter. So, i wanted to say that i like you Lola.

I know. i said.  How do you now? he asked. I've heard everything. You and Liam are good friends right?

Yeah. he said. I'm sorry about that kiss. i said and began to cry. Lola, why do you cry? Harry asked worried. Is something wrong? No, it's nothing wrong, all this is really, really cool. I never tought that i meet one direction.

I never tought that i'll meet you Harry. i said. Thanks. he said. I kissed him on the cheek. He kissed me back.

Then, Harry had an idea. Should we tell the guys that we are together?  Are we together? i asked with a smile.

Do you wanna be? he asked.  Yes! Yes i wanna be together with you! i was so so happy to be together with Harry styles from one direction. So, let's go and say them that we are ! Harry said.

I ran with Harry downstairs and then, i stumbled again. Are you allright? Harry asked. Not really. I can't stand up; i said.

I'll take you. Harry said in a sweet tone. He took me gently and dragged me to the living room. All the boys looked at us. They smiled but Liam not. I wanna say you something guys. You're going to marry Harry? Louis said with a funny voice.

Really fun,ha ha. Harry said. No, Lola and i, we are together. Everyone applauded. Only Liam not. He stand up and run to Harrys room. When he passed next to me, i saw his eyes filled with tears. I jumped and tried to walk. Then i reached the door.

I enter and i saw Liam crying and crying and crying.

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