My new live with the boys

Lola have terrible parents and can´t live with them.
So , she runs away and live a new life with her new friends.
But not all are just friends...


4. did he really kissed me?

The moment seems to be so long. Unexpectedly, Harry comes in. He made a sad face. Then, he runs downstairs. Liam was sorry about that kiss. I had a strange feeling. I thought that he needed someone... someone to love...  I wanted to go and help but Liam stopped me. He said he would do it. So, he was full of hope that he would forgive him, and was gone to talk to him. I could hear what they were saying.

The     conversation

Liam:   Harry, please forgive me about that kiss

Harry:   Why did you do that? I tought you were my friend Liam!

Liam: What is in the kiss so bad? You say you don't wanna have a fan as girlfriend.

Harry:   Yeah, but Lola isn't just a fan, she  is with us and that makes she a member of one direction. Not really but...

Liam:   Please, Harry, i didn't know that. O.K, i stop with all this but you could say it sooner.

Harry:   Liam, we only have met this morning.

Liam:   That's right. So, friends?

Harry: Sure.

The two embraced. 

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