Way to Heal Harry Styles Fanfic

Maria Hardy has been damaged by life but when popstar Harry Styles comes in her everything seems to get better. Will it or will it make life harder?


2. First Date

Maria POV

It is already Saturday night and I am so nervous, I haven’t been on a date in like 2 months since Evil happened and since my boyfriend Josh had dumped me. 2 months doesn’t sound like long but they had been the longest 2 months of my life, I had been counting the days until I would leave and hopeful never come back. Well that is not exactly true, this was my Gap Year I had exactly a year to move on from the events of the previous year and become myself again. Harry was a step towards normal well except for the fact that he is super famous, he was most likely complicate things further. Why does life have to be so bloody complicated? It had only been 2 years since my childhood best friend had died and I was only just getting over it, then Evil happened so now I have to recover all over again. I almost thought about texting Harry and cancelling but something stopped me, I’m not sure what but I think I’m in for the year of my life and I’m kinda looking forward to it. Since Harry had tweeted me several times I had gathered about 13000 more followers which I had to admit was intense compared to my usual 1200 followers that I used to have, I actually felt a little like I had a voice every time I tweet someone is replying or retweeting its pretty epic! I don’t think I quite pass being googled by my followers it only took minutes for them to discover my deep dark secret.

I arrived early at the bar where we had met, I figure I could miss being bombarded by the fans but by the time I got there they were crowded outside watching for a glimpse of the guy they were so in love with. I got ushered in and spotted harry sitting at the bar talking to the pretty bartender, which made me a little jealous even though I barely knew him.


“hey there you are I thought you got mobbed by the girls outside”

“ha-ha not quite although I wouldn’t put it past them”

“this is very true they are rather dedicated”

“I’m sorry I’m not a fan, I feel bad I don’t even know what you band is called is it like Two Directions or something similar I did Google it, you would think I would remember something like that”

“ha-ha no its One Direction”

“oh my bad, that is my dreadful memory, well you have to tell me about your… well everything”

Harry began his rather epic tale of how One Direction formed (I figure we all know the story and it’s easier to not to type it all out… sorry for my laziness)

The story was actually a lot to take in “ok so x factor right number 1’s ok so basically you are taking over the boy band world”

“I guess that’s one way to put it!”

“So how many of you are there again”

“5, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and myself”

“Ok so Niall is Irish and blonde, Zayn has lots of tattoos and has dark hair, Liam is quieter with brown hair, Louis has brown hair and likes to be sassy and then you’re the curly haired womaniser”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean”

“I told you I googled you, it basically showed pictures of a string of women you have dated”

“NO! I didn’t date all of them I just get along with girls really well”

“Ha-ha I am teasing”

“Good” harry pouts slightly

“Aw I’m sorry” I laughed, which for most people wouldn’t be unusual but it had been a while since I laughed like that “thank you”

“For what”

“For making me laugh and smile, it has been a while”

We continued talking for over 2 hours about One Direction and his life.

“We haven’t talked about you much”

“That’s just the way I like it, no I don’t really like talking about myself and I’m kinda closed off”

“Shall I take you home now?”

“Yeah alright sounds good”

Harry continued to chat about his life on the car ride home, his constant chatter was refreshing people stopped just chatting to me since Evil and I miss it.

Harrys POV

Maria was very quiet the whole date only really talking to ask a question and now on the car ride home she was still very quiet  I felt like I was talking her ear off. I noticed that she can’t make eye contact for long and her eyes hold such sadness, the person who did those horrible things to her made her lose faith in people, she doesn’t trust me with personal information and she won’t let me touch her without her shivering and pulling away. I dropped her off at her flat and continued home, I need to find a way to learn more about her without breaking her trust; Facebook is always a safe bet to have plenty of personal information.

I search Maria Hardy into Facebook and quite a few names popped up including one with her face, I clicked into it and soon popped up images of a happy smiling Maria hanging out and clubbing with friends, there were also pictures of her and a guy looking happy, he must be the guy who broke her heart. Further down her Wall are messages of distress and prayers from friends and family when she was missing, but below that were videos of Maria and her friends doing karaoke, I watched one where she sings A Team so beautifully the next video is her with friends playing pranks on one another. This was the Maria I wanted to find, then I see 2 years earlier (I’m pretty sure Facebook goes back that far) her posting messages of grief to a friend who had died, no wonder she is so sad her life has not gone well so far. I have decided to try and make her happy.

The Next Day

“You have got to be kidding me” Louis exclaims with utter disgust

“What’s up Lou?”

“Have you not seen twitter recently, some fans have been sending El pictures of Hannah Walker”

“That’s horrible why would they do that don’t the understand that you love her”

“I guess not” Lou sighs “well enough about my love life, how’s yours?”

“Well I don’t know, it’s like that status on Facebook ‘it’s complicated’”

“Whys that?”

“Because she won’t let me get close to her, I know hardly anything about her”

“That sucks, why is that?”

“She’s gone through so much heartbreak I don’t think she wants to get to know anyone properly”

“Well you will have to help her open up”

“yes I will try”




x Courtney

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