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This book is all about Justin Bieber and his life then and today <3


2. RIP Avellana


The little girl struggling with a rare cancer who's dream to meet Justin Bieber came true only a few short months ago has passed away.

Her mother announced the tragic news earlier today, saying that six-year-old Avalanna Routh lost her battle with an aggressive and deadly brain cancer called ATRT, despite her chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Justin Bieber, her 'husband', immediately expressed his sorrow at the news, calling little Avalanna 'one of the greatest spirits i have ever known.'

Avalanna had her dreams come true on Valentine's Day when she met her pop idol Justin Bieber - and 'married' him.

Avalanna had wished to meet Bieber in person, but when he found out about her request, he flew the little girl and her family from Boston to New York for a special Valentine's visit. 

The pair spent the afternoon playing board games, eating cupcakes, signing autographs for each other before deciding they would get 'married'. Avalanna was even allowed to style Bieber's famous hair.

'just got the worst news ever. one of the greatest spirits i have ever known is gone. please pray for her family and for her,' the pop start said on Twitter today.

He then tweeted a link to a website for information about ATRT, the cancer Avalanna succumbed to.

'RIP Avalanna. i love you,' he said. 'please show respect to her and her family. say a prayer for her and for them. i miss her.'


In February, when asked how long she had loved Bieber, six-year-old Avalanna said: 'Seven years. No - 80 years.'

The teen singer later wrote on Twitter: 'That was one of the best things i have ever done. she was AWESOME! Feeling really inspired now!' before adding: '#MrsBieber really inspired me.'

Another tweet from Justin Bieber to his 17 million followers read: 'Best part of my day' accompanied by a picture of the pair hugging.

The tag #MrsBieber quickly began trending globally on Twitter.

Avalanna's mother Aileen told the Today show: 'It was wonderful, just another fun moment.'

After the special day out, Avalanna was completely smitten with her hero, saying: 'I love, baby' and singing from one of the superstar's hit songs.

Avalanna's dream was realised thanks to help from the Jimmy Fund, a charity that has helped children fight cancer for more than 60 years.

'just got the worst news ever. one of the greatest spirits i have ever known is gone.

please pray for her family and for her.'

Justin Bieber



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