My Life Story

This book is all about Justin Bieber and his life then and today <3


3. He shares the same birthday with Ke$a

He shares the same birthday with Ke$a

Take a look at your calendar.

is March 1, and that is a big deal, not because it’s the beginning of a new month (really, that happens 12 times a year) or because it could mean more promising weather. No, today is significant because it’s the birth date of not one but two totally awesome pop stars: Justin Bieber and Ke$ha.

Both Justin and Ke$ha have had pretty huge years, and now that they’re a bit older, we can’t help but wonder what will come next. Will Justin, who turned 16 today, follow through on his dreams of collaborating with Lil Wayne? Will Ke$ha, now 23, continue to make us want to party until the clock don’t stop? More importantly, now that they’re older, wiser and that much more pop-cultured, will it finally occur to them to collaborate?

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