Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


18. You not only my brother your my hero.

Harrys POV.

I can't believe Bella's dead, this was all of my fault i never want to see Ashlea again, I didn't mind Jake yelling at me it was all of my fault. We arrived at the hospital in about 1 hour everybody was crying in each others arms.


"I HAVE TO" said Jake running to the door. Liam chased after him and stopped him.

"Listen I am studying medicine in university i think i know what to do" he said crying

"they won't let yo-" Jake cut off Liam.

"Please liam let me save my sister i need her" Liam let him go and he ran in.

Jake's POV.

I walked into the hospital room and i saw 30 doctors around my sister.

"I know what to do" I said running in ,everybody looked at me.

"You need to leave" said one of the doctors

"I NEED TO SAVE MY SISTER" i screamed. I putt on some gloves and walked over too my sister. 

Liams POV.

Jake was in there for about 3 hours we were all waiting anxiously in our seats.

"I DID IT" Jake came running out of the hospital room crying of happiness.

"what w-w-w-what?" screamed Harry.

"I SAVED HER I SAVED MY SISTER SHES BREATHING" he said hugging me. Everybody started clapping.

About 30 minutes later we we're aloud to go see Bella.

"Jake your my hero.I love you"she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey bell" said Lou.

"Hey guys sorry for making you all cry" she said frowning

"don't worry we love you" said Ariana

"How was it in heaven?" Asked Niall smiling.

"I told you , you were my little angel"said Lochlan kissing her cheek , i could see Harry was jealous...

"Hey bell what about state athletics?" questioned Clair

"umm im not sure." she replied with a sad face

"lets go ask the doctor" i said.

Bellas POV.

Everybody left except for Harry we were in the room by ourselves .. it was awkward... He closed the door and sat on my bad , i turned my head to the side i can't bear to see him cry.

"Bella." he said

"what?" i asked with attitude.

"I'm sorry."he said letting tears run down his face.

"i don't care" i said getting angry now

"Im sorry I'm sorry for hooking up with ashlea in front of you I'm sorry for trying to make you jealous I'm sorry for not being there for you when you needed me I'm sorry for being so rude when you brang me home after i was so drunk I'm sorry for causing you so much pain I'm sorry for making you die I'm sorry for everything and know you can't even look me in the eye" he said sobbing about to kiss me on the lips.

"No, stop i don't want you to kiss me,I'm angry at you." I said tears falling down from my eyes.

"okay" Harry said walking out of the hospital door , but before he walked out he left a book on my bed, I opened it and it was a love heart necklace and it said 'I love you more than anything Isabella Valentine.' and a love heart next to it. In the box it had a note i read 'Dear Bella, Im sorry for all the pain i caused you, I love you like no other your my rainbow in the sky your my butterfly floating threw the air.I know i hurt you so i want someone else to take your heart because i have heart it too much and someone needs to repair it, as much as it will kill me find someone you love. Love Harry' this made me cry.

"BELL guess what?" said Lochlan storming in.

"whatt?" i asked

"you can do state aths but a lot of training after you get better and you will have to take this medicine after every run" he replied handing me the medicine. 

"Thanks" i said hugging him.

"do you want to move back into the boys hotel ?" he asked

"i don't want to leave you" i said

"No my girlfriend will move in with me" he said.


"Well she is one of your bestfriends and her name is Elena" he said smiling

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YAY" i said jumping up and down in my bed.

"alright Bella you may leave now, just remember to take your medicine and don't do too much running" said the doctor smiling.

"Thank you so much for everything" i said shaking his hand. We packed my stuff and went back to the boys hotel room.

"Tomorrow school starts but its my last week of high school forever! we already did all of our exams last week luckily so this week was basically just a fun week." i said to everyone.

"YAY" screamed Ariana. We were all talking in the car except for Harry. I was scrolling threw twitter I saw Harrys tweet.

'Thank god your safe. But i don't see you wearing my necklace i think you completely hate me.' I read. I didn't want to tweet anything so i just left it. We got home finally! i miss this place.

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