Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


14. Theres a reason behind every problem.

Louis POV.

I woke up at around 6am because i heard Harry crying on the couch.

"Harry are you alright ? " I asked

"No. I need Bella and I need her warm hugs and cute kisses. Lou what if she did something with Lochlan?" Said Harry sobbing

"do you really think she would do such a thing Harry? she's still in love with you , you may not see it but she is , she doesn't want to admit it but every time she sees you cry i can see her heart falling apart." I said

"Really?" Harry replied

"Yes so stop hurting her" I said

"Why are you up so early?" Said Ariana yawning 

"nothing" i replied

"Hey whats this?" she said walking to the dinner table

"i don't know read the note in front of it" said Harry

"okay!" She replied 

"It says Hey lovelies we had too much spaghetti and i thought you would like some just put it in the microwave for two minutes love you and ill come around three pm xoxo Bella" Said Ariana

"YAYYYYYYY BELLAS COMING" I screamed.Harry giggled.

Ariana , Harry and I put the spaghetti in the microwave and sat at the dinner table and ate.

Everybody else woke up at around 2pm.

"YAY SPAGHETTI FROM BELLA . Just what i need." said Zayn


"she's coming over in an hour!!" said Zayn

"YAYY"screamed Clair.

"I feel so sick" said Liam

"whats wrong?" I said

"I don't know i didn't drink last night at all" said liam


I was scrolling threw twitter until i saw a tweet from Liam

'not feeling well!' 

so i decided to cook him chicken soup since i was going to their hotel in a hour.

"smells good what are you cooking?" asked Lochlan walking out of his room

"Soup for liam do you want some?" i asked

"nah i'll make some pancakes" he replied

"alright" i replied

It was about 3pm and i was still in my pj's cooking Liam soup , i didn't realize i was late until my phone buzzed

'@Louis_Tomlinson has mentioned you in a tweet' 

'@Bella_Valentine hurry up and come over!' I read

'@Louis_Tomlinson oopps I'm still in my pj's cooking @Real_Liam_Payne soup since he doesn't feel well! I'll be over in 30!'

'typical @Bella_Valentine!' replied Lou

'@Bella_Valentine love you!' tweeted Liam.

I stopped tweeting and put the soup in a bowl and some foil over it i went to my room and got out of my pj's put a little make up on and put on my leggings and a big jumper on , i grabbed my keys and got in my car.

Liam's POV.

"do you need anything babe?" said Clair folding my clothes

"I need you" I replied

"Go out already you two!" screamed Lou from the living room

"IM HOMEEEE" screamed Bella throwing her bag on the couch.

"Hey babe" said Harry

"Babe ? really ? no." she replied

"Liam i'll set up your soup on the dinner table because knowing you, you would probably spill it everywhere" said Bella kissing my cheek

"You make really good spaghetti Bell" said Lou 

"Thanks boo bear , but why do you have such a smirk on your face?" she replied

"Because er um.. CAN YOU MAKE DINNER?" he screamed

"FINNEEE, i'll make tacos but not now I'm going to the shops with the girls... except Ashlea..." she said that last bit whispering.

Bella's POV.

I was going to the bath room until I crossed Harry's room ... and of course he was hooking up with Ashlea. My heart smashed in a million tiny pieces again but i just stood there staring at them .

"Bella I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I" screamed Harry

"I dont wanna hear it Harry" i said walking into the bathroom about too close the door but Harry bushed it open.

"You need to stop being like this" he said 

"stop what ? the fact that my ex boyfriend keeps kissing my ex bestfriend do you know how that feels?" I asked

"what does it feel like." Said Harry getting angry  

"It feels like somebody has just pulled my heart out of my body and ripped it up in a billion tiny pieces thats how it feels Harry and you were the last person i would expect to do this too me" i said , tears falling down.

"No don't cry please..Bella I'm sorry i've just bein heart broken and miserable" He said wiping my tears

"Why miserable if you feel miserable why don't you try and fix things and not keep hooking up with Ashlea." I said crying

"Because.. i need someone" 

"Not a good enough excuse Harry if you need someone you shouldn't of done what you did.. its getting worse and worse every time i see you." 

"theres a reason behind every problem but in the end it will work out" he said crying 

"Maybe not in this relationship Harry" i said crying.

"Hey bella don't bother in cooking dinner we are going out to nandos" lou screamed

"Alright lou" I screamed back.

it was about 6:30 and We all decided to go clubbing.

"I'll meet you guys there and i'll bring lochlan" i said walking out of the front door

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