Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


1. State aths

Bella's POV

I always stuck up for her as in i mean my bestfriend Ashlea when her jerk of a boyfriend played with her heart and cheated on her , we always fight she normally stays quite while i go completely spastic , but she deserve's it sometimes. We were bestfriends since she came to my school last year in term 4 , although i have another bestfriend at the same school Clair we are all kinda 3 bestfriends but Clair and I were more of bestfriends since Ashlea was always with boys showing off , every boy liked her but honestly she wasn't even the prettiest girl I know i sound like the worst bestfriend but she's hurt me so many times.... Anyways i've liked this boy Lochlan for a while until they started going out in term 1 yes until now which is term 4 but they were on and off so many times and I was always fighting with Lochlan defending her and Clair and I was always the last one to know that they are going out and yes we were pissed but got over it.........

 "Bell breakfast is ready" calls mum from down stairs 

"Coming mum"

mum always woke up early to make me my favourite breakfast pancakes! 

"better then ever mum , I'm going to go get ready now"

"alright darling , be quick! " 

I went up stairs , i looked at my diary and forgot it was state athletics today i've been training really hard everyday for a month .

"BELLA ! BELLA !! i forgot today is you state athletics!" mum said running up the stairs tripping on every second step 

"oh thank god you remembered are you nearly ready" 

"yes just give me 5 minutes "

I brushed my teeth and tied my hair in a high pony tail i grabbed my training bag , as I was getting in the car my phone vibrated it was a message i didn't bother to check till i got in the car . 

"alright lets go hunny" mum said 

we got in the car and i checked my phone on the lock screen it said Message : 0451278394 I wonder who it was from i opened it and i read 

'Good Luck today at state aths today :) x Lochlan'

I couldn't believe what i was reading how did he get my number? i decided to text back 

'You too Lochlan see you soon on the bus! :) Bella'

I was so confused he can be nice sometimes but he can be the biggest jerk too although he has had a really tough life and when i say tough i mean VERY tough , we got to school the bus was already in the car park thank god Clair was going to State aths too otherwise i would of had to sit next to someone i don't like. 

"Bye mum i'll make you proud" I say kissing her soft cheek

"you already have ! good luck"

I walked straight to the bus I remember my sport teacher telling us to meet her at the bus then I feel someone hug me i turn around too see Clair!

"CLAIR!" I yell 


"guess what !" I scream in excitement

"WHAT !!!"

"Lochan texted me this morning ! " I said giving her my phone

"OH MY GOLLY WOLLY GOSH" she screams 

We all got in the bus and Clair and I sat on the right side of the bus 3rd row from the 5 seats at the very back. I got another text and it says "Lochlan" i saved his number so i know when he is texting me it says

'excited for today ? :) x ' 

'Yeah nervous! :) ' I reply 

'Don't worry you'll kill it ! where are you sitting ? :) x '

'on the right three rows from the very back :) you ? '

'On the right at the very back turn around ! :) '

I turned around to seeing him smiling and his bestfriend Taylor making a love heart with his fingers then pointing at Lochlan , Lochlan playfully hit his hands and turned bright red 

" Did you see that ?" said Clair

"See what ? " 

"The love heart sign Taylor did with his fingers!! Lochlan LIKES YOU"

"don't be silly his got a perfect girlfriend"

She then started too doze off I then got another text from Lochlan

'forget about the love heart sign Taylor did okay ? :) haha '

'about what love heart sign ;) ?' I reply 


'very ahaha were here! very nervous '

'don't be! your better then all of them!'

we were outside of the bus and I felt a hug from the back i turn around and its Lochlan 

"I've been waiting all year to do that without Ashlea seeing" he said

"and whys that ?"

"because she would get jealous"

"yeah alright lets go"

I ditched him and went to Clair she was smiling at the fact he hugged me 

"What? its a hug Clair come on"

"yeah yeah what ever lets warm up "


we stretched then we did some laps

"His eyes are glued too you" said Clair

i chuckled and kept running , It was time for the boys to do there 100 meter race Lochlan was in that and I think it was 200 too I saw him walk on the track and was lined up at his starting point. ON YOUR MARKS .... GET SET ............... GO they started running it sounded like the melbourne cup once the horses start Lochlan was coming last until about 25meters he was coming 3rd there was about 5 meters left and he BOLTED and ended up 1st! we all started cheering , once you get 1st that means your off too Sydney to verse higher schools he got his medal and ran straight too me .. Why me did he run too? why not the girls with long blonde hair with blue eyes? He ran too me ! 

"Congratulations!" i said 


"I have to go its my event now"

"alright GOOD LUCK!"

i smiled and walked off i got in my lane ON YOUR MARKS ... GET SET ........... GO!


Lochlans POV 

I was on my phone arguing with Ashlea until i heard people yelling GO BELLA i looked up she was coming 4th and in the last literally 2 meters she came first like a lighting bolt. You can see in her eyes she was Happy! she ran too Clair and was celebrating her first place i was abit bummed she didn't come too me first but i don't blame her i chose a slut over a princess but i still can't get over Ashlea there's something i just need to rebound back too her.. I went up to Bella and congratulated her surprisingly she hugged me whispering "I guess were going to Sydney together" I just grew a smile ! It was Bella's second event know and it was the 70 meter race she got to her starting line ON YOUR MARKS ..... GET SET ........... GO Bella was coming first then slowed down there was something wrong with her leg i could see it . There was about 10 meters left and she literally bolted faster then her first event and she came first !!! but at the end of the race she fell down too the ground and started crying something was wrong the first aid kit ran too her and our sport teacher they walked her too the oval on the grass near the medicare van Clair and I ran too her 

"What HAPPENED!!?!?!?!?!?" screamed Clair

"She really badly twisted her ankle" said the lady in the van

"she shouldn't have kept running when she felt it hurt it made it about 96% worse" said the other lady 

"but look at the bright side i came first ! and I'm going to Sydney in two events! "

"AND NOW CAN WE GIVE A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE TOO THE WINNER OF THE RACE BELLA VALENTINE! this is a true inspiration she ran the 70meters with a really badly twisted foot!! " said the announcer Bella turned Bright red ! my race was in 20 minutes and Bella was getting picked up by Miss.Sally  her home group teacher she was going home ! when she arrived it was my event Bella asked to stay and watch me so she let ..

Bella's POV

ON YOUR MARKS GET SET .. GOOO it was Lochlans second event and he came first threw the whole thing he drilled it he got his medal and ran straight too me


"i know YAYYY!" I replied 

"We're going know anyone wanna tag along who have finished all there events?" said Miss.Sally

"I will" said Lochlan 

"okay lets go"

we got in the bus and it was about 30 minute drive it was pretty loud honestly , Miss.Sally is one of my favourite teachers she's young and is fun to hang out with. We got too school and everyone was congratulating me! Ashlea saw Lochlan helping me out of the car she looked really jealous especially when he was pushing me in the wheel chair but she tried too hold it in , she was one of my bestfriends so she obviously congratulated me .


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