Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


2. One Direction


School finished on Friday thank god school holidays! we have 2 weeks off i really need it! I was still in my bed it was about 10am and then my phone buzzed it was a message from Ashlea

'Clair and i got a special surprise for you! you'll love it! oh and your sleeping over make sure you bring pyjamas , heaps of dresses , heels with your foot is better and make up !'

'OKAY YAYY ARE WE GOING OUT! my foot is better so i can wear heels ! eheh is clair at your house?'

'yeah she's here ! come asap get our things packed now !!'

'okay i'll be there in 10 minutes'

it took me about 5 minutes to pack my things and Ashlea lives about 5 minutes from me luckily i got my drivers licence the other day so mum doesn't have to drive me.

"IM HEREEEE WHATSS THE SURPRISE" I screamed from down stairs i ran into Ashleas room and threw my bag on her bed 

"Okay calm down ! but were going too one directions meet and greet!" Said Ashlea

"WE WHAT OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD !!!!" I said with excitement jumping up and down 

"Get ready now we wanna be there first ! " said Clair with the biggest grin on her face

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