Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


17. Jake.

Liams POV.

Car ride home was silent everybody was crying especially Harry. It took a while to get back since we went to get Jakes stuff from his house.

"We're here Jake" I said getting out of the car. We got inside and Jake went into the bathroom too get ready for bed.

"Yes! Ashlea's gone that means Liam you get your room back." said Lou.

"Hold on Liam we have your room and Ashlea's room was our room" said Elena

"doesn't matter your room is to messy i'll take your old room" I said packing my clothes to go into my new room.

"You bastard Harry i can't believe you would hurt my sister like that." Said Jake running out of the room crying.

"Calm down jakey , come lets get you ready for bed" said Clair this made me sorta jealous. She was in there for 30 minutes, she finally walked out.

"whats wrong love?"she asked me.

"mm nothing.." i said with my head down.

"are you ahh jealous?" she asked . I just mumbled.

"Liam , I only took care of Jake because he has always took care of me when i needed this, his like my big brother!" she said

"i know I'm stupid for being jealous." I replied

"your not stupid now smile" she said playfully punching me , it was killing me knowing she's not mine.

"only if.." I replied

"only if what i'll do anything to see you smile" she said

"anything?" i asked

"anything" she replied

"fine. Be mine. Be my ray of sunshine. Be my rainbow.Be my everything i need you in my life Clair i need you." i said , still not smiling.

"No." she replied this killed me inside.

"No?" I questioned.

"yes no because your not smiling" she said chuckling. I smiled.

"are you mine now?" i said.

"yes I'm yours now." she said chuckling . I pulled into a kiss.

"i've been waiting to kiss you for ages." I said smiling.

"i have too , now lets go to bed i need some sleep" she replied kissing my lips passionately.

"night babe" i said kissing her back.

It was about 6am in the morning and i was woken up by Jake.

"NO PLEASE , IS THERE ANYTHING TO SAVE HER?" He said crying , this made me tear up. He hung up.

"Liam-m" he said falling into my hands.

"Whats wrong? whats happening?" i said crying

"Liam Bella's d-d-dea-" i cut him off.

"Don't say it i don't want to hear it" i said crying. We ran into everyones room and told them to come to the living room straight away.

"Whats happening?" asked Niall yawning

"Bellas umm ahh" i said sobbing

"Bellas what?" screamed Harry 

"Bellas dead." i said , Jake bursted out crying.


"Lets go to the hospital" said Lou hugging Jake and sobbing.

"Im not going." said Jake

"Your going" said Harry crying his eyes out.

"NO. i cant bear to see her." replied Jake

"Jake, your sister would want you there come on." said Clair hugging him.

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