Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


16. Hospital.

Louis POV.

"Meet us in the Royal hospital its only 15 minutes away" said the Officer

"Is she alive?" I said crying

"We are still not sure." said the officer.

"Everyone get in the Car." screamed Ariana. Everybody was in the car we were all crying.

"You fucking idiot Harry this was all because you and your slut soon-to-be girlfriend caused this." Screamed Ariana 

"and you have no excuse now , your not even drunk you douche." screamed Elena 

"Do you want to know what happened?" Lou said to everyone

"Please explain" said Harry crying

"She drove threw a red light and she didn't see the truck she crashed into it with caused the truck to flip onto her car . it took 20 minutes for them to get her out and they are still not sure if she's alive." Said Ariana. Everybody was sobbing now. 

We got to the hospital , we were waiting for 3 hours until the doctor came out. We all shot right up

"Hi guys i've got good news and bad news."

"What is it?" asked Niall

"Bella is alive but she is not breathing very well and she might loose her memory .." Said the doctor 

"You may go see her now follow me" he said.

Harrys POV.

I can't believe i caused this. I was just jealous because i saw her dancing with someone else. She was sleeping for about 30 minutes.

"Get the doctor quick" said louis

"Hey beautiful" said liam

"Liam .. were am I" She didn't loose her memory! thank god.

"you're in the hospital" he replied

"Im sorry but can you please step out of the room for 30 minutes i just need to do some check ups." said the doctor 

we were in the waiting room for 1 hour, longer then the doctor had said.

"I've got news Bella has not lost her memory but she is having trouble breathing" Said the doctor

"you may see her now" we all walked into the room.

"Bella . I'm sorry" I said running to her about to kiss her.

"No to late for sorry's don't kiss me" she said hardly breathing

"Bella i just got jealous because you were dancing with someone" I said crying

"That someone was my brother." when she said that i died a little inside , now I know how she feels when she told me her heart was smashed in a billion tiny pieces.

"Bell , your parents and brother are here" said Elena putting on a fake smile.

"Bell I'm sorry i didn't protect you I'm sorry this is all my fault .. and you Harry just leave you don't have a heart just go" said her brother crying

"Jake it wasn't your fault i left without telling you" is what i heard as i was walking out of the room. We all left and were in the waiting room , this was all my fault my own friends don't even like me anymore.

"Come here babe" said Ashlea

"No , get away everybody here hates you and you just make things dull around here , leave not only the hotel but my life" i said crying.

"Ariana , Elena , Clair what about state athletics?" said Lochlan looking worried

"State athletics...?" questioned Louis

"Yes Bella is amazing at short distance and she got to state athletics and is going to Sydney next Friday and this means so much to her" explained Lochlan.

"We will have to ask the doctor" said Niall.

We went back into Bellas room and she was fast asleep...

"Okay well its 20 minutes to 5 who will stay with Bella? " asked Liam

"I will" said Jake

"No your dad and I are a staying , Jake you will get too emotional" said his mum

"Mum no I'm staying" said Jake.

"No jake your going , can he please stay with you Liam?" asked his mum

"Sure come on jake say your goodbyes" said Liam. I just stood there i didn't even want to know what will happen once we get back to our hotel.

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