Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


11. Heartless.

Bella's POV.

I didn't sleep all night and i can't explain my anger at Harry and Ashlea.

"Morning" Said Liam 

"Good Morning" I replied

"How are you love?" 

"better then ever" I replied sarcastically


"Morning Lou" 

"I need food" said Niall running too the kitchen. All the boys and Clair we're in the kitchen except Harry.

"Hey guys thanks for last night i love you all so much. Oh and Clair thanks food Loving Liam not Harry even if you did fall for Harry you would't have done what Ashlea did" 

"Pfft im not falling for liam" said Clair with a red face

"Liam likes Clair too" Said Lou I could tell that Clair was really happy that Liam liked her back. They were both red as tomatoes. Harry and Ashlea came down together and as we all saw them the laughter faded away.

"Probably slept together last night" I said mumbling as i ran into Liam's room.

"yeah after you went in Liams room i went back in his" Screamed back Ashlea

"Shut up you weren't meant too tell" I heard Harry say

"HOW COULD YOU HARRY AFTER WHAT HAPPENED HOW COULD YOU" Liam screamed. I Heard screaming and yelling but i didn't pay attention I ran into my room and packed my stuff up as quickly as i could. I ran out of my room and slammed the door shut but no one noticed because they were all screaming at Harry and Ashlea , as I was running out of the door everyone noticed I was sobbing and could hardly see through my eyes.

"Bella Please don't Leave. I Love you." Screamed Harry but i kept running too the door i ran out and slammed the door I could hear fighting as i was putting my stuff in the car boot.


"Why ? Why i can't even Look at Harry without crying" 

"Because we love you , your our little sister your our family" Said Lou

"and family means you don't leave one behind" Niall said crying

"Please bell if you go i go" Clair said hugging me

"Fine I'll stay only if i don't have to share the same room as Ashlea " I said sobbing

"Done Deal! How about I sleep in Nialls room and you two have my room? " replied Liam

"Thanks Li , I love you" I said hugging him


Clair's POV.

I can't believe Harry and Ashlea i always knew she was like this! I could see in Bella's eyes she was hurt. We walked back inside and Harry was in tears , I went into the room Bella , Ashlea and I shared and packed my stuff I found Ashlea sitting on the bed .

"Oh so your moving rooms now?" She said

"Oh Yes " I replied before I left the room i turned around and said

"You hurt her really bad" 

"Oh i know , she got someone i loved!" she replied

"YEAH WELL EVERY BOY SHE LIKED FELL FOR YOU SO SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH" I said shouting everyone went silent. 

I walked out of the room smiling and everyone was laughing except Harry he went to his room . I walked into Bella's and my new room. 

"Why don't we call the girls and we should go sing somewhere" i said . Bella and i were in a four piece girl band every time she saw them she would smile they are our real friends.

"YESS PLEASE CALL THEM" she replied smiling 

"Alright Alright" I rang Ariana and she said that she would go pick up Elena. They came in about 10 minutes and Bella answered the door.

"ARI ! EL! I MISS YOU GIRLS SO MUCH" Bella screamed


"don't worry were here for you" said Elena whispering 

"hey Ariana and Elena" said Ashlea,Ariana and Elena just gave her a dirty look.

"why hello and who are these girls?" asked Liam

"oh sorry we didn't tell you they are our friends ! Ariana and Elena!" I said

"HEYYY" said lou Ariana and Elena liked One Direction but were't obsessed.

"Were going to go to the shopping centre" Said Bella 

"alright have fun" Said Niall 

we went to the closest shopping centre and everyone was asking what happened between Harry and Bella. We were in front of the shopping centre. 

"Alright girls what song?" asked Elena

"Heartless by Kanye West ! its a perfect song" Said Ariana looking at Bella

"Alright start us off Bell" I said. 

We sang the song and we had a crow of people clapping and taping us we thanked everyone and we saw the boys even Harry , They were coming towards us 

"We didn't know you girls were a band!!" said Niall

"Whats it called?" asked Lou

"Angel Wings" said Ariana 

"You girls are amazing!" said Liam , Harry was looking at the ground the whole time.

"How about Lunch at Nandos?" Asked Elena

"YES I'm starving!" replied Niall with a big grin on his face.




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