Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


7. Getting ready for clubbing

Bella's POV.

We all finished unpacking i honestly don't even know why the girls and I unpacked we're only spending the night here . My phone rang it was mum.

"Hey, mummy"

"Hi Darling ! I heard you met One Direction! i bet every time you talk to them you sound shaky!"

"Not really they are so nice there like average people! Im spending the night at their hotel"

"Alright darling you can spend a week if you like ! i trust you honey ! bye love you "

"Love you too mum" I replied and she hung up.

I went into the kitchen were everyone was laughing i saw Niall stuffing his face in Nando's and i chuckled at the thought .

"So what do you wanna do tonight?" Harry asked

"CLUBBBINGGGGG!" Zayn replied excitedly 

"okay and invite your girlfriend you too Lou." I replied

"YAY" Lou replied he was such a baby!

It was about 5pm and we were going to the club at around 9 everyone took a shower i was first so i just sat down on the couch and started watching some Simpsons i was soon joined by Clair she has being acting really differently so i asked

"Hey whats wrong with you lately you seem really .... down ? is it the whole Lochlan thing? "

"No. well not really! Can you do my nails?" she asked

"Yeah ofcourse" I went back into the room and grabbed the nail polish basket 

"REDDDDDD! " Clair said with a giant grin

I did her nails then did mine it was about 10 minutes to 8 now so we all went into our rooms to get ready the girls all chose a dress too wear, we always swapped around since we were all size 8. It took the boys around 30 minutes and they were all in the living room waiting for us , Zayn was about to call the taxi until Lou screamed out

"NOOOO we don't need a taxi the limo comes today!"

"We get a Limo !" I said so the girls can hear me

"Yay!" they screamed at the same time

 It was about 5 minutes to 9 now and the boys kept telling us to hurry up

"COME ON GIRLS" Niall screamed

"10 MORE MINUTES" Shouted Ashlea I heard the boys sigh.


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