Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


8. Clubbing

Harrys POV.

it was 9:05 and the girls just finished getting ready when the girls walked out of the room the looked stunning but Bella looked beautiful her curly hair dropping down just a bit high about her hips , her smile , her beautiful eyes she was amazing I took out my phone and said

"Smile" She giggled and smiled 

"with your teeth" i replied

"Nooo i hate my teeth!" 

"please , for me" i gave her the puppy dog face 

"alright , how can i say no to that face?" she said and I smiled i took the picture and said

"BEAUTIFUL" I posted it on twitter saying 'how beautiful is she? @Bella_Valetine' I watched her until she say her phone buzz and she giggled 

"Smmillleeee" she said I knew what she was doing i smiled the biggest smile and watched my phone I opened it and it said 'isn't he beautiful ? ;) @Harry_Styles' i giggled until Louis said

"oi you too love birds time to go!"

"wheres el and perrie perrie sauce?" i laughed and he said 

"they will meet us there now come on!"


Bellas POV.

yay clubbing with the boys Clair and Ashlea!We got there in about half an hour and it was packed! there were screaming fans everywhere the boys signed autographs for about 10 minutes and we got in straight away since the security guards knew who the boys were. Lou told me that Perrie and Eleanor were gonna be here soon , i couldn't wait to meet them but I'm also scared they might not like me I was dancing with Harry then I saw Clair and Liam flirting they would make a perfect couple , just perfect! Louis interrupted Harry and I and he told me Eleanor and Perrie were here i was so excited.

"Hello ! Im Eleanor"

"and I'm Perrie! and you must be Bella!"

"the boys told us so much about you!" Eleanor giggled I started blushing

"I couldn't wait to meet you two your so beautiful!" I said nearly screaming because the music was up so loud.

"Come meet Clair and Ashlea!"

"Clair and Ash meet Eleanor and Perrie , El and Perrie meet Clair and Ash!"

"Hello girls!" said Eleanor

"Hiiii!" replied Clair was always crazy!

We all started dancing until Lou took El , Zayn took Perrie , Liam took Clair and Harry took me .Niall and Ashlea had no choice but dance together since they didn't have anyone to dance with. Harry and I were dancing and laughing until i turned around and guess who i saw? Yes Lochlan. I whispered to Harry that he was there and i went to tell Ashlea.

Ashleas POV.

I was having fun dancing with Niall until Bella whispered words in my ear i didn't want to hear

"Lochlans here. But don't worry Harry went and told the boys just stay near Niall." She said then looked at Niall and they both nodded we went back to dancing. 

I'll be honest i did kinda like Niall.

Lochlans POV.

I came into the club and yes they were there Ashlea , Bella and Clair I was really jealous about her and Harry she told me she liked me before Harry and i knew she did thats why she was so happy when Ashlea and I had our ups and downs , but she never really wanted to split us up i decided to built up the courage and text her saying :

'You look beautiful! be mine. xox'

Harrys POV.

Bella and I were on each others phones until text from Lochlan. Bella looked at me but still let me open it i opened it and it said 

'You look beautiful! be mine.xox' Bella was going to grab the phone and write something until i grabbed it out of her hands I wrote

'we if she's beautiful you should have picked her but you didn't. bad luck for you mate. she's mine.'

Bella looked at me and smiled. 

We were dancing until someone kept touching Bella for no reason she turned around to tell him off "excuse me you keep touching me" she said

"sorry babe" replied the guy . I could see anger fill her eyes from the guy calling her babe . He kept touching her and as she turned around to tell him off he punched straight in the face she started crying. Paul ran over to us . Bella ran into the bathroom with Ashlea , Clair , El and Perrie.


Eleanors POV.

She was bleeding her mouth was full of blood and her nose was running like a tap i can't believe how hard she got punched , So much was running threw my head what are the boys doing are they okay?

"calm down Bell" Said Perrie

"Please don't tell me i lost a tooth" 

"you didn't love don't worry." I replied 

"w-w-where are the boys? are they okay ?" 

"Clair is gone to check up on them don't worry"

we were washing Bella up for 10 minutes and Clair wash't back I went to check up on her.

"Im going to go check up on Clair alright?"

"alright" replied Bella.

I got to the dance floor and Harry punched the guy , the police turned up and Harry was explaing what happened , thankfully the police didn't take him away only the idiot who punched Bella. Clair and I went back and Bella was still bleeding.

"Are they alright?" is the first thing that flew out of Bella's mouth

"yes Harry punched the guy and the guy that punched you well he got arrested." said Clair

"Okay thankyou so much for helping me do you wanna go now?" asked Bella

"Yeah lets go get the boys."



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