Could it be my true love ?

This is a story about two best friends that meet one direction and later are falling for the same boy , but at the same time one of them has a boyfriend ... Life gets crazy between them !


5. Car Ride

Liams POV.

we got in the taxi with the girls ready to head to our hotel in the city. I was so happy Harry asked these girls into our dressing room i kind of like Clair she had long golden coloured hair with brown eyes she was gorgeous ! 

"I see you staring at her you oh my like Clair!" Niall whispered in my ear

"SHHHHHHHH!" i said really loud everyone looked at me 

"whats wrong lad?" Louis said 

" I KNOWWWWW!" Zayn screamed Niall winked at him

"WHAT WHAT WHAT ? " Harry screamed Zayn whispered to him Then Harry whispered too Louis 

"OHHH Liam fanc- " Louis screamed

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UPPPP LOU! " I screamed the girls looked confused .


Bellas POV.  

The girls and I were really confused with what the boys were saying we looked at eachother with weird faces and Niall noticed 

"Uhhh ummm did we tell you we speak Jibberish too ? " Niall said sarcastically everyone started laughing. The boys asked for our Twitter usernames 

"Mines clair_payne" Clair said blushing Liam chuckled 

"Mines ash_02" added Ashlea

"Mines Bella_Valentine" I added I knew i had 'I LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES' as my name then before i tried to delete it lou caught me

"HA caught you Bell !! " Louis screamed with excitement Harry started laughing 

"QUICK SCREEN SHOT" Niall shouted 

"Oh my god NO!" i shouted 

"Got it " Louis said with a smirk 

"Take a photo with me! " said harry 

"Alright" i said

Harry was kissing me on the cheek and I was smiling. Then I saw my phone light up

@Harry_Styles has mentioned you in a tweet

i smiled and unlocked my iPhone I read

'Isn't she beautiful ? @Bella_Valentine xox' 

i giggled and looked at him and he smiled 

'What are you talking about @Harry_Styles? x' I replied 

'Your beautiful ! thats what I'm talking about! @Bella_Valentine' i giggled and kissed Harry on the cheek.


Lochlans POV. 

I couldn't believe what i was seeing ! I was scrolling threw my twitter and all of a sudden i saw a photo of Harry Styles kissing Bella on the cheek ! I broke up with Ashlea too be with her ! i was in love with Bella ! I WAS IN LOVE WITH HER MORE THAN ASHLEA! 


Bellas POV.

My phone buzzed i looked at it and it said 'Lochlan' on it , I opened it up and read

'I saw you with a photo of you and Harry on Twitter , I was going to brake up with Ashlea to be with you!' it said I was shocked ! I showed Clair and Ashlea , Ashlea was on the verge of tears.

"No I'm not crying over that jerk" she messaged him saying 

'WE ARE DONE.' He replied in no matter of mintues

'Why babe' 


the boys saw something was going on

"Whats wrong Ash ? " said Harry

"Nothing just did something i should have done ages ago" Ashlea smiled and then i got another text from Lochlan

'Why would you tell Ashlea?'

'Because your a player. ' I replied 

'Why would Harry put a photo of him kissing you on the cheek you don't even know him!'

'Maybe i don't but he has a heart unlike you . Let me tell you something from the start of the year i have liked you , when you asked Ashlea out I was heart broken i started crying , I wanted you to hold me like you held her i wanted you to hug me how you hugged her i wanted you too show off in front of me how you showed off in front of her but guess what ? Im over you ! its time for you to have a taste of your own medicine. ' I replied

'Is that why you were so happy when we broke up and so sad when we were back together?' he replied

'Obviously , at state athletics i was so happy when you went back to school with me then after school i was you kissing Ashlea and you saw me but you didn't stop you smiled and kissed her even more. '

'Bella I-I-I-I-Im Sorry I didn't know you liked me! please don't fall for Harry Please! ' 

'Well thats your loss isnt it ? I cant promise I won't fall for Harry he has a heart unlike YOU.'

He didn't reply after that but it said he had seen my messaged Ashlea read it all and her jaw dropped but she smiled at the same time and whispered "Thankyou" in my ear . We finally arrived at the boys hotel it took 1 hour , There was fans EVERYWHERE it was hectic outside!


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