Stole My Heart

Ellie Hollister makes a promise to herself that she wouldn't fall for one of the boys of one direction. That all changed when her dad became the manager for them. Ellie and her dad had a hard couple years after her mum died, but when she became best friends with the band, she felt that all that pain and tears she had never happened when she was with them... Her dad felt like he was losing her, so he decided to send her away. Ellie doesn't want to leave because that would mean leaving them behind and her true love...


2. Bonding

"Have you heard of knocking?" I said giving him a dirty look. "Well, the door was wide open so I though I might check-in." Really? Check-in? "If you've checked in, I think you'd better leave..." I have him a reassuring look. He nodded and walked away, with my bags in his hands. "Harry! Ce back here!" I ran after him and all I could see were him and all the others leaning on the tour bus waiting for me.
I rolled my eyes and walked towards them. My blue UGS getting water inside of them from the puddles on the ground. "Ready?" Zayn said holding out his arm. "Sure." I walked towards him and he put his arm around me while we walked into the bus.
"I'm going to die Harry!" Niall yelled laying on the ground. I covered mouth trying my hardest to not burst out laughing. "Niall! I'm trying my hardest to cool as fast as I can!" Harry yelled back! I looked over to Niall where he was munching on some chips. "Nevermind Haz." Niall said with hisouth full of chips.
"Kevin!" Louis yelled at Liam. "Woody!" Liam yelled back. "Wevin." I said. Loueh and Liam looked at me confused. "Mix woody and Kevin together." "Ohhh.." Loueh and Liam said synchronized. I giggled and walked back to my room..
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