Never stopped loving you

This story is about Lexi a 17 year old girl with an anusive dad one day she runs away and bumps into the five boys and they become close then Lexi started to go out with Harry . One night Zayn let out his feelings and kissed Lexi. What will happen when she tells harry will he just say oh atleast it wasn't more than a kiss or will he be mad and dump her ? What do you think ? Read to find out


4. Save water shower with Harry (short chapter)

**Lexis pov**
Well we went in the shower I grabbed shampoo and rubbed my brown with orange highlights then I rinsed it then I grabbed conditioner and rubbed it on my hair I waited for Harry he was washing his hair see styles now I can't sing I said you can if you want he said nag I said while washing my hair please sing he said okay I said "it's been said and done every beautiful thoughts been already sung and I Guess right now here's another one so your melody will play on and on with the best of them you are beautiful like a dream come alive incredible then I continued and ended your amazing Harry said clapping like a little kid I was going to kiss him but I remembered that he hasn't asked me out so I stepped back but he grabbed me and kissed me I smiled and kissed back
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