Never stopped loving you

This story is about Lexi a 17 year old girl with an anusive dad one day she runs away and bumps into the five boys and they become close then Lexi started to go out with Harry . One night Zayn let out his feelings and kissed Lexi. What will happen when she tells harry will he just say oh atleast it wasn't more than a kiss or will he be mad and dump her ? What do you think ? Read to find out


13. Period week pain in the ass

I woke up in the morning in my room I looked at my cute pjs I bought 2 weeks ago it was stained with period blood SHIT I yelled FYI I had my own room and niall was next door I hated periods when I first got it when I was 15 I went in the bathroom and changed I put on a pad I wore some black jeans a black t shirt and white converse I got and the necklace niall got me it says "Niallers girl" I loved the neck lace I laid on my bed then I got bored and texted niall if he was available then he replied "Sorry Princess I'm at in interview" I replied on your way can you buy some ice cream please it's period week" he replied "awe sorry about the period but yea ill go the interview ends in 5 minutes " i replied "okay babe love you " then I fell asleep **5 minutes later** I heard my room door open I immediately went up my hair was a mess hey princess niall said I ran and jumped on him luckily he caught me hey babe I whispered in his ear I looked at him with my chocolate brown eyes he leaned and kissed me then we pulled away for breath then he got two spoons and the humongous tub of chocolate ice cream and sat down next to me then we started to eat it we were half way through the tub when I needed a tummy rub because my stomach was hurting niall I said yes princess he said can you give me a tummy rub my stomach is killing me its part of the period routine I said ofcourse he started to rub my stomach It felt so good it was to good that I let out a moan he chuckled all better I said sitting up wrapping my arms around his waist he kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around my waist I love you babe he said I love you too baby I said getting on his lap facing him he smiled and kissed my nose I giggled and kissed his cheek then he went to my lips we stayed until Louis came in eww guys get a room he said sarcastically we pulled away hey and you guys didn't share he got the spoon and started eating the ice cream boo bear get away from my Ice cream or I swear watch what's going to happen I said or what he said babyish or else I'll get that tub and shove it up Kevin's ass I said he gasped oh he'll naw he said leaving the ice cream me and niall laughed then I got it and ate it with niall and Louis
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