Never stopped loving you

This story is about Lexi a 17 year old girl with an anusive dad one day she runs away and bumps into the five boys and they become close then Lexi started to go out with Harry . One night Zayn let out his feelings and kissed Lexi. What will happen when she tells harry will he just say oh atleast it wasn't more than a kiss or will he be mad and dump her ? What do you think ? Read to find out


8. Louis and Harry arrive we make up and back together

**2 monthes later**I was so excited to sing the song that I made to Harry in public I was performing in a theatre I was backstage texting Louis did he get the 3 tickets that I gave him he replied yes when I came on stage he was front row I saw him Eleanor and Harry my eyes widen I was wearing red short shorts a red tanktop and a red blazer plus I gave him backstage passes I started sing then I got to I ran near Harry and pointed him while I sang till you put me down oh I knew you were trouble when you walked in so shame on me now .. I sang then the song ended I ran back stage and changed into black short shorts a black tanktop and a black blazer I walked to meet Louis when I walked in and Eleanor ran to me and hugged me I missed you I said weakly I missed you to she yelled then we pulled away I hugged Louis then went on my phone so how's life guys I said awful Harry said well that must be great for you I said happy great Louis said but me and Eleanor miss you so much I missed you and Eleanor a lot I said tearing up so did you like the song I said to them yea Eleanor said yes louis said I wrote it 2 monthes ago hey wasn't that when Harry cheated on you Eleanor said yes I said we'll leave you two alone Louis said looking at Harry then me . No please I said they left in a jiffy so I sat on the couch and was about to do my make up when Harry told me to not put it on cuz I looked beautiful! Well apparently not beautiful enough for you I said he was going to kiss me but I jerked my head so he kissed my cheek were not together I said angry he chuckled and said I still love you . If you did love me before Harry you wouldn't even of cheated on me I said I'm so sorry I shouldn't have done that Harry said ok I forgive you I said really Harry said yes I said hugging him then I kissed him he smiled
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