Never stopped loving you

This story is about Lexi a 17 year old girl with an anusive dad one day she runs away and bumps into the five boys and they become close then Lexi started to go out with Harry . One night Zayn let out his feelings and kissed Lexi. What will happen when she tells harry will he just say oh atleast it wasn't more than a kiss or will he be mad and dump her ? What do you think ? Read to find out


7. Found him cheating on our 3 month anniversary with a Taylor

So me el dani went shopping endlessly after we go tired we went to the hotel I bought something sexy so I could wear for me and Harry's 3 month anniversary so dani went in Liam's room and Eleanor went in louis room I walk into me and Harry's room and then I get dressed into some really short shorts (red) a red tanktop and a red blazer one I walked in the room and I see Harry and a random girl making out I clear my throat and Harry looked at me I had watery eyes NO LEXI IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE Harry said I run out of the room I go to Eleanor's and Louis room Eleanor answered she saw me crying and asked what's wrong? Harry cheated on me on our 3 month anniversary I walk in Louis comes and sees me I told him what happened he said ill be back he looked pissed so I started to write a song it's called I knew you were trouble

**louis pov**
Lexi told me everything about what Harry did I told get ill be back and walked out of the room pissed I walk in Harry's room still making out with that girl Harry I yelled in anger he looked at me scared what the fuck you cheated on your girlfriend on your 3 month anniversary I said get the fuck out I told the girl she left why would you do that Lexi came in and started to pack her bags Harry told her to stopped but she didn't listen she got everything she hugged me and left how could you haz our should I say Harry the heartbreaker I left the room
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