Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me(One Direction fan fiction)

Stephany is that knid of girl that hangs out with boys... somehow she felt more comfortable but still really girly. Her best friends are: Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam. She ha never felt anything besides friendship love for them but... she fells in love with one of them... and apparently one of them fells in love with her too?


6. When you smile


I went home, with a new look, my new hair, he had liked it. For some strange reason I couldn't stop thinking of what I saw, of what I felt there. I opened the door of my house, went to my bedroom and just lay there, staring at the ceiling, I think I have never been so much time staring at the ceiling.

Next day morning I have calmed down, I was expecting to see that beautiful face again, but I have though about it and realized he is my friend, just that. My plan was going to school and have a normal day as always, I was determined to do that, but obviously this person wouldn't let me.


I walked into the school and started talking to my friends, suddenly I saw a familiar face. Yeah, it was Stephany, she started running towards "the boys" but luckily they had their bags to her. It was my opportunity.


BOOM! I felt myself with a horrible pain on my body and face, I had fell to the floor. It hurted too much as to care and stand quick so anybody sees me. But when I had enough streght as to sit on the floor, I could notice almost everybody laughing at me. Then I started hearing laughs, but one louder than the others, I putted my head up to find Brooke with her feet in the place I fell, she did it. I looked to the place where the boys were but didn't see them, they might have gone to classes or something, they didn't see what happened. I stand, grab my backpack, and run to the toilet.

There I just stared at myself in the mirror, my lip was bleeding. I had a kind of bruise in one of my arms and on my forhead. Yeah, you could say I was running fast. I started cleaning my face while praying Brooke didn't appear in the bathroom. RING! It was time to go to class. One last look in the mirror and I looked better, not much but my new haircut helped.

The class I had, luckily, was with all my friends. Seeing Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry there just putted a smile on my face.

The teacher didn't take much to come into the classroom so I couldn't talk to them, I wondered during the whole class if should I tell them about what Brooke did to me... or not...

I finally decided not to tell them. I went and talked to them. I felt relieved but I still didn't know why was Brooke been so mean to me. Ofcourse they asked me about my lip bleeding but I told them I tripped at night... in the dark and I hit against the wall... They also complimented me for my hair, "Awwn, my baby looks like a big girly now" said Harry, "Hahaha, she might look like that but she still is the same silly girl we know" replied Zayn, "Stay away from Tom hahahaha" said Niall, "You look nice Stephy" told me Liam, "Yes you do" added Louis. Those comments, somehow brightened my day, I felt better.

After having lunch with the boys, I went to my locker, as usual, to take out the books I'll need, and I saw a paper falling from it. I picked it up and opened, it had something written on it:

"When you smile, my day gets better, keep doing it, my lovely girl"

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