Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me(One Direction fan fiction)

Stephany is that knid of girl that hangs out with boys... somehow she felt more comfortable but still really girly. Her best friends are: Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam. She ha never felt anything besides friendship love for them but... she fells in love with one of them... and apparently one of them fells in love with her too?


7. The new girl... again


I woke up the next day to put on a short and a purple t-shirt... I didn't wanted to eat, so I just went directly to school...

Once I arrived I saw my dear friends. I was so happy to see them! I know I do every single day but I the last time I didn't see them I was hurted by Brooke, so the last thing I wanted was seeing Brooke, or worst, being left alone with her.

So I ran into the boys with a happy smile on my face and my now pretty hair waving to the air. I ran and hugged them all. "Are you okay stephy?" Niall asked me. "Yes I am haha... why?" I replied, "Because you don't always hug us that strong, did something happened to you?" said Harry, "Hummm... no... haha guuys, I don't have to have a reason to hug you, you are like my brothers, aren't you?"



"Well yes" I replied. I knew something was definetly not okay, I can even say I felt her trumbling while hugging her, but it's okay, if she's afraid of something I'm glad she came to us. I know I'll always be here for her.

Suddenly I heard Zayn interrupting my thoughts, "Hey! A new girl" he said. And effectively, there was a girl standing next to the entrance, she was petite with a shy look on her face, but a nice friendly smile too, she had ginger dark straight hair, which is weird to find, and blue eyes.


We decided to go and say hi to her, she looked friendly but obviously no one has talked to her yet.

"Hello!" Louis said in a cheerful voice. "Hi" she replied, with a nervous smile. "What's your name darling?" he asked, "Hayley" the ginger haired said. "Well Hayley, I introduce you to my friends, he is Liam, he is Zayn, the curly haired is Harry, he is Niall, and she is our little sister called Stephany, but you can call her silly girl", "Hello, are you really siblings?", "Hahaha not really, we have different fathers, but we are like siblings" said Louis, "Hello" the rest of us replied to Hayley.

RING! The bell soon rang, we had to go to classes.


Hayley's class was the same as mine, I didn't know if to talk to her too much, you know, the last time I built a friendship with the new girl I ended with her ice cream all over me and a bleeding lip.

Anyways we went together, luckily Brooke wasn't there, she had another class I supose. Hayley sat next to me.

We had to do a work in pairs and so I couldn't let the new girl alone, so we worked together. She's not too talkative, or maybe because she was new... or I don't know. When  the class finished she came closer to me and almost whispering she gave me a weak "Thanks". Then she left.

I went to my locker to grab the others books, for the next class, and I was nervous because the day before I found what seemed like a love letter. Afortunatlely... I think... there was nothing this time. But I could feel someone's hand on my shoulder.


*Author's note: I'm sorry guys, for not been writing as much, But you know all the school things, homeworks, and last exams I had kept me busy, but finally I'm having holidays, so I'll try and update as much as I can, but please, keep commeting so I can know what you think because I might not know wether you liked it or not... Loads of love my darlings!! :) xx*

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