Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me(One Direction fan fiction)

Stephany is that knid of girl that hangs out with boys... somehow she felt more comfortable but still really girly. Her best friends are: Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam. She ha never felt anything besides friendship love for them but... she fells in love with one of them... and apparently one of them fells in love with her too?


11. IM KINDA BACK.....

Hiiiiii guys!!


Well Hello! Been a long time ... huh? I know I haven't been on in like forever but I've got a good reason... I have started school and now it's worst than ever... I'm in IB classes... Don't get me wrong, I totally like going to school, you know......... as much as a normal teen might like to go to school.......

But anyways, I wanted to apologize to my truthful readers haha :) Ily guys

This really has helped me going cause I love writing and I was thinking what could I be, what could I study, then I was like yeah I could be a writer :3 Okay but that's completely out of place.

The thing is guys I have no time at all, literally, and I was wondering if you wanted to keep reading this fan fic, I've seen you have unfaved and never ever comment anymore, I would continue it, all I need is one person to tell me they really like it you know... There are those fan fics that are totally great like omg that's soooo good, so I just wanted to know if any of you feels like they want me to continue this fan fic, if you wanna keep reading it.

With that said I must go my friends, but don't you worry, I'll be okay, lol. But if any of you comments I promise I'll try my very very best to update as soon as I can! I PROMISSE!!!

So well, bye bye, stay beautiful my lovelies



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