Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me(One Direction fan fiction)

Stephany is that knid of girl that hangs out with boys... somehow she felt more comfortable but still really girly. Her best friends are: Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam. She ha never felt anything besides friendship love for them but... she fells in love with one of them... and apparently one of them fells in love with her too?


9. I was maybe a little in love with him (1)

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But this time it was just me and him. We were just walking, talking about our day in school, laughing a little... suddenly it started raining... Huh great moment to start raining...

"Oh wow" he said, "Ugh I'll get wet..." I said, "Don't worry, I'll save you" he said putting his jacket on top of my head, covering the upper half of my body. "What are you doing crazy boy?" I asked while laughing, "Hahahaha, don't worry, I'll take you to a dry place" he said and grabbed my hand while running. His house was nearer than mine so I knew where we were going.

We arrived at his house and he let me in. He took his jacket out of my head and laughed with me. He went to his bathroom and handed me a towel, and he took one too. Now I felt better.

I was having such a wonderful time with him... but... you know, we had to do some math homework... Oh God how I hated homework, though I didn't mind staying with him the whole afternoon.

"Okay then let's start" he said, "Ugh do we have to??... Okay" I answered. So we did, it was boring but at the same time nice. I mean, I got to see his beautiful blue eyes for more time, I got to realize I was maybe a little in love with him. I started wondering if he would feel the same way about me... He has always behaved like the perfect boy but... maybe he changed somehow? I don't know, even I confused myself with the thoughts.

Before I knew it I was with my head where my feet are supposed to go on the sofa, he was sitting next to me. "Hey!" he said and started tickling me, "Louis stop! hahaha" I said while laughing. Awwwn those gorgeous blue eyes caugth me again, we stared at each other for about two minutes, I felt like I was in heaven.

But ofcourse, he is Louis, so he had to interrupt that special moment haha,"Steph..." "Yes?" I answered, "We need to finish our homework baby" he said.

Baby? Did he just called me baby? ...


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