Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me(One Direction fan fiction)

Stephany is that knid of girl that hangs out with boys... somehow she felt more comfortable but still really girly. Her best friends are: Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam. She ha never felt anything besides friendship love for them but... she fells in love with one of them... and apparently one of them fells in love with her too?


1. Back to school!!

So it was time to go to school again, a new year. The most exciting thing was seeing my dear friends again!! I can't believe its been such a long time... we were friends since always!! haha...
I arrived to school, while I was walking down the corridor I felt some people running towards me and hugging me from behind. This are my friends ladys and gentlemen, I have missed them so much!! We hugged as if it has been ages since we haven't seen eachother. Finally, we stand in a circle as we always use to, and started chatting, we had so many things to tell. We arrenged to meet at lunch, as the bell rang each one went to our classes. I was so happy I had almost every class with at least one of them.

Liam was as sweet and correct as always. Niall... haha I call him my little snowflake, he's like our little brother, we like to take care of him. Harry was as flirty as he usually is, all relaxed and happy, with a smile on his face. Louis was making so many jokes, I did needed that, not hearing his amazing jokes for a while... my life got bored, he always brings happiness to my mornings. And Zayn, he was all walking like 'Im-the-boss-and-you-know-it' he's so cool, the way he acts and dresses haha just makes me laugh, he's my bradford bad boy.

Well, as I was walking into the classroom a disgusting boy gave this weird whistle at me so I turn around like 'whats your problem?', luckly Harry was there and said "what? huh? got something to say? be careful you, Im watching you huh!" Haha I loved him, what can I say? we are all like brothers and sisters, I love all of them. So we hi-fived and laugh all the way to our seats.

'RING-RING' Finally, lunch time! I went straight away to our meeting point, together with Niall who was in my Maths class and starving by the way. He is always in a mood for eating, while all I wanted was to hear everything the boys had to say, all those amazing stories they always tell me. We sat in the ussual table and started eating, and laughing and having such a wonderful time. Suddenly, one of those silent moments came, and as we didn't know what to say Zayn went "so... Steph, you have grown a lot this summer" "what? haha well like 3cm I think haha" Next he standed and asked me to stand next to him to see how much had I grown... but I was still petite. "you will never grow admit it" liam said, "I have, dont you see?" I replied. Pfff they like to bother me, but yes, I did grow a little. Then Liam came as he uses to when we argue about my height and lifted me. Louis gave a cough and said "Liam put her down haha" "haha okay..." so he did, haha I loved it when they treated me like I was a little girl boo, sometimes we joke around about that haha.

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