When You Loved Me

Acacia Clark has led a usual life, for eighteen years and six months. Her best friend during most of those years was Zayn Malik. Acacia thought of him as more than a friend, but he never had the same feelings for her. Then to get away from the feelings he auditioned for the X-Factor, so they have parted ways never to be heard from again. Then one day their mothers decide to "hang out", but Acacia knows that Zayn is just staying at their house to stay away from the fans. When Acacia and Zayn come face to face - will she ever forgive him - will she ever love him again?...x


3. The Phone Call

Acacia's POV~xx

Yeah, just when I thought he was on his non-playerish side, his smile turned back in to a smirk. "Player..." I whispered under my breath, trodding out of the room with my face flushed a slight pink. I don't know if it was because I was angry...or I still had feelings for him. No - I promised myself I couldn't, not after what he did to me.

~x~ A Few Hours later...

I looked up at the clock hung on the wall as I walked back down stairs, Zayn still following me around like a shadow. It looked like we were having dinner late, 9:30pm.

"Mom - what are we having for dinner?" I shouted out, turning around forgetting that Zayn was right there. And I jumped my eyes widened a little to find him face to face to me. Then we both stepped back a little.

"Just the leftovers love" she informed coming out of the room with Tricia, sitting down at the kitchen table. I nodded with a sigh snooping around the fridge to find the container that held some cold spaghetti.

Zayn's POV~xx

I was alright with leftovers I guess.

Befrore I could do anything else my annoying ringtone started playing from my front right jeans pocket. "VAS HAPPENING! Pick up the phone!" all the lads and I recored a ringtone, quite annoying but at least you would pick it up as soon as possible.

I fished into my pocket and pulled out my phone. Simon was calling? He hardly ever calls. I answered it and Acacia, Anne (Acacia's mother) and my mom were all staring at me with a smile after the ringtone.

I slapped the phone to my ear and said into the receiver, "Vas happening Simon?" I said with a small chuckle.

"Zayn. No games, just listen" Simon ordered in his usual stern voice.

"Okay. But really, what's happening?" I asked with a slight frown.

"Well, the boys secret locations have been covered with fans. Is it possible for them to stay with you, since you haven't had any fans yet?"

"One minute". I looked up at the staring faces, and bit my lip. "Uhm, the lads have been spotted and Simon is asking if it's possible for them to stay?" I asked quietly.

Anne quickly looked over to my mom and took a short moment to think. "Yes dear. I'll do what ever I can" she nodded, still not that sure. I saw Acacia's expression, frozen on the spot her mouth gaping open.

"Zayn, you'll have to share a room with Acacia" Anne added quickly. I smiled looking over to Acacia, she still stood frozen. "The spare matress is in the basement" she said getting up with my mom back into the rooms to get ready. "Oh there's no need for that" I smirked as they walked out. 

She put the spaghetti back onto the table. "I'm not hungry anymore..." she said making her way to the basement. I went and followed her, helping her bring the matress up to her room. 

After we set up the beds, we got changed. She wore plaited pattered pyjama pants and a plain black top with her hair down. I wore plaited pants as well, with no shirt. I kept catching her stare and I smiled. She blushed getting into her bed.

I smiled at her soft sleeping face. She was so beautiful...and I want none of the boys with her, she's mine.


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