When You Loved Me

Acacia Clark has led a usual life, for eighteen years and six months. Her best friend during most of those years was Zayn Malik. Acacia thought of him as more than a friend, but he never had the same feelings for her. Then to get away from the feelings he auditioned for the X-Factor, so they have parted ways never to be heard from again. Then one day their mothers decide to "hang out", but Acacia knows that Zayn is just staying at their house to stay away from the fans. When Acacia and Zayn come face to face - will she ever forgive him - will she ever love him again?...x


2. Nice Try Malik

Zayn's POV~xx

I didn't want to come here, it was kind of awkward between me and Acacia ever since that day she told me she loved me. So I auditioned for the X Factor too afraid to accept the fact that I loved her too. My mom and I were staying over here to stay away from the fans, each of the boys were staying in a secret location as well.

I saw a picture of us hugging each other at prom friends only of course. I smirked all the memories flooding back to me. Then I saw Acacia walking down the stairs. I paused for a moment, taking in her new beauty. She had her long blonde hair still, the brunette weaving in between the waves. Clear olive skin and big blue eyes that I could stare into all day. Her curves showed with the outfit he was wearing and she was still around the same height from two years ago. I smirked at her and caught her rolling her eyes. Had she gotten over me?

I walked up to her, biting my lip nervously. Awkward..."Hey Acacia" I said looking into her eyes, our parents chatting away and walking in to a room. I smirked and winked at her. She raised an eyebrow and walked up in to her room. "Hey Zayn..." she said halfway up the stairs. I sighed, maybe she was playing hard to get? I followed her up to her room and she slammed the door on me. Had I hurt her really that bad?

"Acacia, what's wrong with you?" I said to the door. "No no. The question is what's wrong with YOU?" She replied harshly. "What do you mean?!" I protested confused. There was a deafening silence hanging among the air.

"Ever since you left the girl who was your best friend, you turned into a total jerk. A player. The new reports showing which girl you're hooked up with, your relationships haven't lasted for a week. Getting drunk at night clubs. Rumors about smoking. Letting all the fame get to your head. Do you expect every girl to throw their selves at you? Guess what, that's not going to happen with me." she said and then opened the door. Ouch.

"Uh, I-I'm sorry..." I said quietly. "Sorry doesn't it fix it...Malik" she hissed. "No really" I whispered inching towards her, staring into her eyes. Her face softened a bit, she stared back into my eyes getting closer so we were inches apart. I wrapped my arms around her waist. I knew she would give in. She wrapped her hands around me neck standing on her toes. She smiled her cute dimples showing. "I love you" she whispered, her voice bitter but sweet. I closed my eyes and leaned in, but then she kicked me in the place where the sun don't shine, other words the crotch. "Nice try" she smirked walking past me.

"Ow" I whined. But don't worry, I'm going to get her to love me...


Acacia's POV~xx

Ugh what a jerk face! Does he think I'm that easy to get?! God, he was worse than I thought.

I grabbed my plate off the kitchen table and fed the cold remains to the garbage bin. I walk back up to the room and found that jerk reading something. Wait, was that my diary. "What are you reading?!" I glare at him, his eyes glued to the pages reading one after one. "Just your diary..." He smirked. "Wait what-" I said my eyes growing wider.

"Dear diary, today me and Zayn had the best time ever. After school we went to the fields behind that old house that no one goes to, having races and laughing. I talked Zayn into auditioning for the X Factor. He said it might go on. But he has such a great voice and he's eyes are so dreamy-" he started reading one of my diary entries. I snatched it off him.

"That was ages ago" I mumbled blushing, feeling my cheeks warm up. He grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I remember" he smiled. There was a long silence between us. "Um why don't you look through this instead?" I said grabbing a random photo book off my bookcase. I sat next to him on my bed, opening the first page together.

Great more memories. The first photo was of Zayn and I, holding hands. I could feel his hand next to mine but I quickly moved it away and pretended to fix my hair. The next photo when we had a sleepover - that time that I confessed I loved him. I was sitting in his lap and poking my tounge out, and he was kissing my cheek. I snapped the book shut, he kind of jumped.

"I think that's enough" I said getting up and putting the book away. He stared at me softly, reminding me of the Zayn Malik that he used to be just for a second...

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