When You Loved Me

Acacia Clark has led a usual life, for eighteen years and six months. Her best friend during most of those years was Zayn Malik. Acacia thought of him as more than a friend, but he never had the same feelings for her. Then to get away from the feelings he auditioned for the X-Factor, so they have parted ways never to be heard from again. Then one day their mothers decide to "hang out", but Acacia knows that Zayn is just staying at their house to stay away from the fans. When Acacia and Zayn come face to face - will she ever forgive him - will she ever love him again?...x


1. Mornings and Worse

I slumped down the stairs in my PJs rubbing the slight sleep out of my eyes, grasping onto the rail for guidance. I quickly looked up to see my mother bustling around in the kitchen humming happily. "Morning love" my mother said cheerfully and then continued to hum. I guess she was a morning person...Sleepily shuffling my feet over to a chair at the kitchen table, I yawned streaching my arms out as if I offering a large hug. My mother came to table placing the glass plate down lightly, staked with pancakes and glass filled with freshly squeezed orange juice. The melted butter and maple syrup collided streaming down to the edges of the plate. I grinned glancing up at my mother, she knew pancakes were my favourite. I grabbed a knife and fork cutting a large piece and stuffing it into my mouth.

Wait, everytime my mum makes pancakes theres some bad news. I swallowed down the food in my mouth, staring at my mother skeptically. "What's it this time?" I moaned lightly. She turned around with a black spatular placed in her right hand. "What do you mean?" she smiled, I could see her nerves building up and her body tensing a little. "Every time you make me pancakes there some bad news to match with it..." I sighed crossing my arms against my chest. She sighed back in reply. "Well..." she started off placing her spare hand on her hip. I started to take a sip of my orange juice, staring at her.

"Zayn and Tricia are coming over to stay for a few weeks" she finished off quickly turning around back to the stove. I spat out my orange juice glaring at her. "WHAT?!" I shouted. Zayn Malik used to be my best friend ever throughout primary and middle school until I confessed my "feelings" for him and he auditioned for the X-Factor to get away from me. We never contacted each other, only our mothers kept in touch. And now the fame has got to his head, going out with mutliple women and going out to clubs almost every week or something.

"Honey, don't be like that. I mean, you and Zayn were the best of friends-" she  said sounding as if she was complaining until I cut her off. "No mom. Just no. We're not friends any more" I said starting to raise my voice again. I glanced at the photo hung on the wall with the wooden frame. It was a photograph of me and Zayn at prom, going just as friends. I sighed remebering all the memories that we shared. "They're coming in five minutes" my mom informed calling out from her bedroom, probably "freshing up". I paused looking down at myself, still in my PJ's a few drops of orange juice. "FIVE MINUTES?" I repeated followed by a moan.

I quickly had another large bite of my short stack, bolting up stairs to my bedroom. I quickly grabbed the first few things I could find. Okay - so a deep blue top that matched complimented my eyes, dark red high waisted shorts and grey converse sneakers with worn out laces. I ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I quickly turned on the shower, taking my clothes off throwing them in the laundry basket beside me and hopped in the shower scrubbing my hair with tropical shampoo. I was only in there for a short time, beacause I think I've wasted up four minutes already. I put on my clothes, and got out my makeup bag. I applied some natural makeup to my face, I never wore to much unlike the whores at my school. I applied some mascara, and black liquid eyeliner with slight wings, strawberry pink lips. I run downstairs and pase in my tracks. My mother was already greeting them, already chatting away and Zayn standing there awkwardly. He still looked gorgeous...I mentally slapped myself. No don't let the feelings get to you again.

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