When You Loved Me

Acacia Clark has led a usual life, for eighteen years and six months. Her best friend during most of those years was Zayn Malik. Acacia thought of him as more than a friend, but he never had the same feelings for her. Then to get away from the feelings he auditioned for the X-Factor, so they have parted ways never to be heard from again. Then one day their mothers decide to "hang out", but Acacia knows that Zayn is just staying at their house to stay away from the fans. When Acacia and Zayn come face to face - will she ever forgive him - will she ever love him again?...x


5. Jelousy

~x~ A Few Minutes in to the Movie

The movie was good so far. Along the movie we got some popcorn and a few cans of cola. Tricia bought a few wooly blankets in to keep up warm.

I was sitting in between Harry and Zayn. I liked Harry, as a friend only though. And Zayn...was unclassified.

During the movie I plotted a plan. I snuggled up with Harry, bringing the blacket up to my chin. "Play along" I whispered up to his ear softly. He grinned down at me. "Okay" he nodded lightly.

His arm slithered around my waist cheekily. I smiled, moving in closer next to him leaving a trail of short kisses along his jawline softly. He brushed my blonde hair out of my eyes and stared in to them moving closer.

I quickly looked at Zayn, who was watching us with a mix of hurt and anger on his face. I smirked, turning back to Harry. I pulled him down as we collapsed on to the space of the couch starting to a laugh a little.

All the attention was on us, everyone ignoring the movie. I could hear Niall and Louis muching on some butter popcorn and Liam sipping some cola out of one can. Zayn was giving Harry death glares.

Fianally Zayn got up and stormed upstairs into my/his room, slamming the door with anger. We all burst into laughter as he left.

I nudged Harry, to get off me. I didn't know if he was acting or not. But I didn't mind. "Nice acting skills Harry" I smiled slapping his arm playfully. He just rolled his eyes and smiled followed by a shurg.

Harry's POV~xx

Is it wrong to say that I enjoyed that? Is it wrong to wish that she liked me back? Is it wrong to betrey your best friend and steal their almost girlfriend?

Why do I feel like this? I never feel like this around girls.

I mean, Zayn wasn't really going out with Acacia, right? I sighed as Acacia got up to leave to go check on Zayn.

She was so pretty. Her ocean blue eyes and dirty blonde hair matched with her personality.

No, I can't love her. She's my best friend's girlfriend (I think) and there are so many other pretty girls out there that I could love and they would love me back. I'm THE Harry Styles. Who couldn't love me?

I grabbed a handful of popcorn, sighing after I ate the handful.

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