1. intro

life as a directioner

people don't understand us they look at us Directioners and
say just girls wasting their time on a typical boy band but there
not a typical boy band there the boy band who makes the world go round
non Directioners don't understand us and the love we share for the lads.

our daily life
- wake up in the morning
-listen to up all night the album
-go to school meet you directioner friends
or just normal people and start talking about the boys
- suffer through a boring day at school stare at the boy u like
- go home ASAP twitter, tumblr, facebook and YouTube ASAP  
- get up to date with the boys
- home work at lest including one direction in your homework
- watch MTV for a while
- eat like humans and when you see a spoon immediately think of Liam
- on twitter being dedicated
- TV again
-sleep while thinking about one direction

if people can understand us they would see where normal
people that support something not cult with 1000,00000
girl Directioners and 50 male Directioners (they do exist I meet 2 it was amazing)
but anyway where supporting something important to us  like
example: boys and CALL OF DUTY they support the game stay up
all night  for new call of duty games to come out watch YouTube videos
ECT... people shouldn't hating them you should be appreciating
them especially boys  finally boy domination from girls artist controlling
the bill board charts to boys.  

thoughts when were fan girling in public were just letting
our emotions out, boys did you know you don't need to be
hating them for taking the girl population you should be
thanking them for they made it easy to go ask a directioner
out just sing a one direction song then ask them out trust me
it works Directioners who are reading this if a guy came up to
you and sang what makes you beautiful and asked you out would you say ?

lets get this straight were called Directioners not ONE Directioners
ok if you're trying to insult us by saying she is a crazy one directioner
crazy isn't an insult that a compliment but one directioner is


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