Love? or Death.

Hello, my name is Maximum Ride.
There is somthing about me that makes everbody want to know my name.
There is something about me that makes everybody just want them to look at them, even though it might be a look of discust.
There is something about me. There is something wrong with me.
What will happen when a boy from the british invasion falls for me, hahaha
What will happen when ALL the boys from the british invasion fall for me.
What will happen when a group of them can't contain there feeling any more.
What will happen when I am in trouble because of the people who love me so much that when I am not with them, they will die.
What will happen when I tell you the story of how it all happend, right from the start.
This is the story of my life with the big question. To Love or to Die
pleaz dont be alarmed by the first chapter of the book, I am telling u, it does get better, and more one direction...y


2. The Truth About Torture

After the big snap of the neck, something strikes me in the side of my head. Before I my mind and thoughts got covered by the blackness of the dead part of my mind, I quickly thought that this was my Karma.

Harry's POV

She is right in front of my, the girl of everybody dreams, the girl that everybody know, the girl that has stolen many people's hearts and have never gave them back. There lays Maximum. I have a whole day planned out for us. And it is all going to take place in this cabin. A cabin that is cut of from society. Where it can just be me, Maximum, and some tricks of the trade I would like to use. She is slowly waking up. Her eyes gradually opened up. Her eyes where the brightest blue I have ever seen. It only ties the look of her brown hair and puffy cheeks. She looks at me, but I do not make contact because I am getting a knife from the box of 'fun things'. She sees the knife and you could see her expression so clearly that it reflects on the knife. She is very scarred. That is all her face reads.

I am getting ready to cut her arm. I raise my arm up above my shoulder and go in for the big slash when she stomachs me in the gut and runs.

Maximum's POV

It is too obvious that he was about to hurt me really bad, so that is why i decided to hit him in the gut. he is on the floor holding on to his stomach gasping for air when I make a run for the door. I find that the door is locked, so I try the window. I am running around the room, when I finally stop myself realizing that there is not 1 window in this room. When I am getting ready to make another dash to another part of the cabin, arms grab me and I am instantly thrown on the floor. I hold my head in pain, I hit the ground really hard. Harry picks me up again and props me up against the wall and slaps me. He starts whispering to me " behave or I WILL hit you harder!" I freeze for a few second processing what he just said. After a moment of stillness between the both of us, I run off against the wall and run for the next room hoping that there is another door or a window there. Harry grabs my arm harshly and whips me around only so he could land a punch on my face. I am on the floor at this point holding on to my face. I look at him with eyes of hate, hate and resentment. Resentment of ever help killing the stupid girl.

Without a warning Harry sits on my stomach and take the Knife. He moves down a bit so he is sitting on my thighs and he pulls me up so we are face to face. I am still holding on to my cheek which is red with soreness and he took it away from my check. He took my left hand and tied it to a leg from the sofa, then grabbed my right in his strong hands. "What are you doing?" I looked at him with tears threatening to make an appearance on my face. "Does this all hurt?" he asked me simply. I nod in yes hoping that he would go easy on me or even stop. " I know how to make it a bit better." He takes the knife and holds it to my wrist. I see what he is going to do and I try to get my hand out of his grip, but I just can't. He slowly draws long cuts all around my wrist like rings and it felt like I was living in hell!

Harry's POV

I look at her straight in her eyes as I make the cuts in her wrist. She is screaming and tears are falling from her eyes in an unbroken stream. When I am done with the right hand she looks at me in my eyes and begs for me to leave her alone. How in the hell does she expect me to leave her alone. Nobody can, she is asking for the impossible. I untie the left hand not worrying about the right hands because of the cuts that are in it, and start dragging the knife around the wrist again. She scrams even louder, begging me to stop. I stop, she stops screaming but still is crying but harder than ever. before she could get her hand out of my grip and start up again, but this time with another ring above the first one. She screams and cries and when I finish, it looks like she is wearing bracelets of blood on the wrist. She looks at her wrist, terrified and overwhelmed with pain. I lean in close to her to give her a hug but she puts her hands on my white shirt, only getting blood on my shirt, and only making her cuts feel worse. She gives in and I wrap my arms around her and let her cry into my shirt. I whisper relaxing things into her ear like "you are okay" and "Shhhhhh....." She stops crying after 15 minutes and I pull away from the hug and get wet goz to go around her wrist. Little did she know that is had been wrapped in rubbing alcohol.

Maximum's POV

I think he thinks that I had enough and he is going to wrap my wrist up with the goz. As soon as the goz touched my skin, I wanted to get away from him so badly because it BURNED. I tried my very best to get him away from me long enough for me to run, but all he did was pin me down and wrap it around my wrist tightly! I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs because the pain was so unbearable. He makes sure that the two ties of goz has an extra piece that connects to each other so he can have easy control over me. He finally gets off of me and pulls me up by tugging on the goz. That just only made it worse. What I learned it to be his exact intentions. He squeezed my wrists for what seemed to be forever just to see me fight to get away and cry harder. He dragged me by my wrist to the stair case and grace me a bundle of clothes. At this point he was still holding on to my right wrist. "Go change into this, you are staying the night here, and doesn't try anything funny because I will know and you will fell more pain than you did before." he barked at me. He slowly let go of my wrist and I obediently went up the stairs and found a room to change in. He had me change in to a Coco Cola themed pajama with long pant bottoms and a take top- top. I walk down stairs and Harry is wearing a Pepsi themed pajama and is looking at me .

Harry's POV

I am preparing popcorn for me and Maximum so we could watch a movie. A movie is the only way to get through the rest of the evening with making sure that she does not try to escape. I was in the middle of pouring the popcorn in a big bowl when I hear footsteps coming from the stairs and I cannot help but stare at her. For some reason, when she started to come closer to me to see what I was doing, my heart beat very fast. Every step she got closer to me, my heart just beat faster. When she finally was close to me she whipped a tear from her eye and asked me what I wanted her to do next. When she looked into my eyes my heart skipped a beat and freaked out about it and grabbed Maximum's wrist and squeezed it as hard as I have ever down before. She screamed and it just tore me apart inside. I quickly let go and she takes her wrist and presses it against her chest with the other hand over it. From her blinking once, a bunch of tears came running down her face. And that only made me feel worse. It was like somebody was taking my heart and was punching holes in it.

I pour the rest of the popcorn in the bowl and then by reflex, I grab her and hub her tight and whisper things into her ear like, "I am sorry" and like "I really did not mean to." After 2 minutes I let go of her and see the pain I have caused her. I fells like I am dying in side. It is ripping me to shreds. "I cannot take it anymore." I say aloud and I hold her puffy cheeks in my hands and press my lips against hers. It felt amazing! I have butterflies in my stomach! It feel like I .......I her.

Maximum's POV

When he kissed me, I felt nothing. But after the kiss he got me some ice and then changed the goz on my wrist to clean goz and when we sat down to watch the movie, he let me lie down on his chest while he iced my cheek and wristed. He might like me, but I fell nothing feel nothing for him. Yet since the kiss he is going easy on me. Maybe if I just pretend that I would be able to live through my period of karma and go back to The Cult. All I have to do is lie. And lucky me, that is the game I play best!


What will happen the next day when Harry is starting fresh with Maximum and with a new pair of eyes?

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