Love? or Death.

Hello, my name is Maximum Ride.
There is somthing about me that makes everbody want to know my name.
There is something about me that makes everybody just want them to look at them, even though it might be a look of discust.
There is something about me. There is something wrong with me.
What will happen when a boy from the british invasion falls for me, hahaha
What will happen when ALL the boys from the british invasion fall for me.
What will happen when a group of them can't contain there feeling any more.
What will happen when I am in trouble because of the people who love me so much that when I am not with them, they will die.
What will happen when I tell you the story of how it all happend, right from the start.
This is the story of my life with the big question. To Love or to Die
pleaz dont be alarmed by the first chapter of the book, I am telling u, it does get better, and more one direction...y


10. The Truth About 'Kissing Up'

Maximum's POV

"Hey, Maxy what is wrong?" Harry says walking into the room.

I slowly pic my self up off the flour and slowly walk to Harry. He just looks at me with a confused face, then he face softens from the confusion and he opens his arms out. Showing me that he cares.

I hope iton his arms as he holds me tight, I hold him even tighter. I dig me head in the neck of his sholder and just stay there. Not crying, not complaining. I might hate Harry in ever way, shape, and form, but he is the only one that I know who cares about me right now. He is the closest thing to confort right now. The memory of how Harry beat me came flouding back as soon as he started to whisper calming things in my ear. That made me cry.

"Shhh.... its okay, its okay, I am here now." he said, clearly not knowing the true reason behind why I am crying.

But the memory of him beating me soon gets covered with the fresh resent history of Zayn hurting me. Him squeezing my brused thy and arm. Forcing me to kiss him. It might not sound that bad, but now that I have kissed him, many, many times, he might just do something even worse the next. The thought of that scares me, that is when I start to hyperventilate. This presure of karma  is too much for me. I do not think I could handel it anymore. Now I see why people do not come back from karma, they kill them selves when they get caught up in the complication of it. I feel overwhelmed with all of this. I-I-I don't, ahhh my head. This all hurts to much.

Harry's POV

I see Maximum drag her self out of my arms and to the flour as she holds her head crying. What is wrong with her. She is starting to scare me.

"Maxy, Maximum, relax, just relax." I try to say as quietly and calmly as possible getting on my knee, making sure that I face her.

"Harry, Harry! You-you just don't get it do you?' she says derasticly, but still keeping a low voice thanfully. I do not want the boys to come see her like this.

"Shhh.... I do-" I say quietly and calmly, reaching out for Maximum.

"No, no you don't-" Maximum tells me, fighting my hug.

I know that she loves my hugs, even when I cut her wrist, she could not resist the hug as long as she wanted too, even in the kitchen.

"Maxy, yes I do." I say finally holding her as she sits on the ground.

"No, you don't, you don't know, you never will." she breaths in my chest, as I hold her.

"Shhh..... trust me, I do. Now just relax.." I say drifting off as I rubb her back. Aftr that, she said no more. All she did was relax her body on mine, and slow down her breathing.

"Shhh....." is all I said and I lightly rocked back and forth.

I think she had some type of anxiety attack. Look how much stress I am causing her. Probably can't But I am trying to make it all right, I am. Oh geez, it just hurts my head to think about it. I would just leave the thought alone for a while.

"Harry." I hear her whisper.

"Yes?" asks as whispering back, while I strock her hair.

"I think I am ready to go back." she said.

"Go back were? Home? The interview?". I ask.

"Ha, home. I do not even think I have a home..." she says drifting off.

"Well you do now. You could live with me, there, if you want to?" I ask.

"Sure, yeah, thank you. I guess you are not as bad as I though you were." she tells me with a cute smile. The smile that could get me to do anything. That only makes me smile as well.

"So... you wantt o go home? Or do you think you would be fine here in the interview?" I ask her.

"humm... I think I would be fine here," she starts off, the continues.

"Just don't forget to check up on me every hour or so, mm'k?" she asks me, looking in my eyes with a smile on her lips still.

"I will never forget." I say, slowly leaning in for a kiss.

I lean in closer and closer, until our lips are not even inches apart. She turns her head down, showing that she does not want to kiss me. That only breaks my heart a little.

She looks up at me and then says, "When we get home." then smiles at mee getting up and leaving me on the ground with a big stupid grin on my face.

"ha, you are just too cute." I say alound. But there was no way she could hear me, because she was already out the door.

Maximum's POV

Karama almost got the best of me.Thank god Harry was there to calm me down. If he was not, who knows what I could have done to my self? Times like these I really think that I do need other people to depend on to live my life. I do not like the thought of that being true, but it is only the truth.

"Ouch!" me and a boy say in unison as we bump into each other and hit the walls opposite to use.

I look up to see who this guy is, then when I do, I litterly suck all the air out of the hall way in a huge gasp.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay, I am so sorry." I say in a haste.

"Uhmm, I don't- I don't know." he studders. I am not quite sure about his name, or who is is.

I see how his nose is bleeding now, and now is threting to drip on his shirt. He looks down and notices this, then quickly picks up his head and pintches his fingers to his nose.

"Oh, my- I am so sorry, here, I have tissues in my pocket, I think." i say, rushing throw my cloths thinking where I miught have put the tissues. I put them some where some place on me before I left just incase I started to cry for some reason. I then put my hand to my beanie, and feel the tissue packet in it. I rip the hat off and take the tissue packet for inside. I rush to get a couple out of the packet and hand them to the guy.

"Here." I say felling really bad because of what I have just caused. Only if I was paying attention. Geez, am I stupid. Uhhh......

Soon after, he slides down the was and takes a seat on the flour.

I could not just throw the rest of the tissues in his face then leave him to bleed. No! That is why I sat down right next to him and try to help him in what ever way I could.And it seems like the only way I could is to hand his perfectly folded tissues.

Right when the tissues were just about to run out, his nose finally stopped bleading. I handed him one of those wet tissues i randomly found in my pocket. It said 'The Royal Chestnut, home to London's finest food' I also say the experation date which was printed in bold on the pack 'EX:DEC 31 13.'

That only ment that it had about a year until it expiered. Whick also ment that it was relitively new. This could have been gtten reasently.

He whips his fingers and aroung his nose with the cloth then throws it away in the trash can right in the corner of the hall way without getting up. I look at him with sorry eyes. He looks at me with a smile.

"It is okay, I am fine. Really, don't worry about it." he says.

He was so sweet.

"Wow, well okay..." I say, quiet shocked.

"My name is Maximum, what is yours?" I ask while sliding back up the wall and now am standing up.

"Nice to meet you Maximum, my name is Liam." Liam says to me.

"Nice to meet you too Liam." I say sticking out my hand. He takes it and shacks it.

Right from there, he takes me and slams me agaist the wall.

"What the hell are you doing!?" I asks, trying hard not to yell from the pain.

"If you do that ever again, I swear....." he barked at me.

He rasied his right hand while his left arm rest agaisnt my neck.

"Harry!" I said in a calm but loud voice.

I hear is steps comming down from another hall way, it seems pretty faint, but it gets louder slowly, by the step.

Liam glares at me, then as Harry was about to turn the corner of the hall way to get us into veiw, he takes his arm of my neck then runs out of the hall way as fast as he could.

"Hey, you called my name?" Harry asks me, with now a smile on his face.

"Yeah I d- WOAH!" I yell as I plummet to the flour.

I look up, and that is when I feel somthing warm and soft on my lips. The soft and warm thing, leaves my lips, and that is when I see who's lips that belonged to.

"Hey there, sorry, I was in a bit of a rush." he says.

"What is your name?" he asks getting up off me and is now standing up holding out his hand to help me up as well.

I just look at him with an outreagged look, then I turn to see the look on Harry's face. His eyes are hard, they are not directed at anybody or anything. They just stare into black space while he clunches his gaw. His whole facial expression soon softens up.

"Uhmm- uh- I am Maximum, have we met before?" I asks the guy.

"Hmm... I do not know, probably not, but you never know. I am..................




From there it made no sence at the start, but then it all clicked in my head. Liam was........

to be continued......

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