Love? or Death.

Hello, my name is Maximum Ride.
There is somthing about me that makes everbody want to know my name.
There is something about me that makes everybody just want them to look at them, even though it might be a look of discust.
There is something about me. There is something wrong with me.
What will happen when a boy from the british invasion falls for me, hahaha
What will happen when ALL the boys from the british invasion fall for me.
What will happen when a group of them can't contain there feeling any more.
What will happen when I am in trouble because of the people who love me so much that when I am not with them, they will die.
What will happen when I tell you the story of how it all happend, right from the start.
This is the story of my life with the big question. To Love or to Die
pleaz dont be alarmed by the first chapter of the book, I am telling u, it does get better, and more one direction...y


5. Pleaz read! ch. blah! mental picture

You know how in the previous chapter "The Truth About Lying"?

Well during the conversation between Liam and Harry on the phone, Liam was telling Harry about 2 boyz named Dan and Phil that r going to interview them.

Those guys "dan" from dans is not on fire and "Phil" from amazingphil are real!!!

So I am going to use there personalities. So if you want to know how these people look like, they have a channel on youtube called "dans not on fire" and "amazingphil"!

Check them out! They r really funny : p

At least looking at a couple of episodes of them on youtube would defenatly help you enjoy the story more!

Like for example: did you know that dan from dans not on fire likes llamas so that is a big thing in his episodes

and the phile loves lions, so in a comical way, lions play a huge part in his episodes

Knowing stuff like that but in the much more 'making sence way' will make the next chapter way less confusing.

do this now! updating tonight!!!!! ;)

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