I do

I advise you get a few tissues and some Nutella


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I stretched my hand out, searching for those curls to intertwine my fingers in, as I woke in the middle of the night. As I touched the cold, empty spot on the bed, my heart turned to stone and I burst into tears. No matter how hard I tried to wish him back to me, I couldn't. Harry left already. I tried to push the memories away, but they flooded in, like a tsunami. I was suddenly back in my flat with him, watching him sitting on the couch, as his face was slowly turning to the coldest it's ever been. I screamed at him, feeling like a mute woman. No matter how much a yelled and fought for him to hear me, he just sat there, with that same blank expression. He was as frozen and motionless as a statue. "HARRY. ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO A SINGLE WORD I'M SAYING?!" I was in his face now, the tears that soaked mine were dripping on to his. I couldn't take it. We both knew this was going nowhere. I accused him of cheating because he had been spending so much time with his friend amanda lately, and I didn't know what to think of it. "I think you need to leave. Now." I said, my voice quiet, as my throat ached of crying and yelling. His face shot up to meet mine. He stood, touching my face, and I quickly turned away, pointing to the door. He stood for a second, shocked, but I just turned away to face the other direction. A minute later I heard him slowly walk away and shut the door behind him. I fell to the floor, exploding in tears. I wanted him to stay so bad, but what he did was wrong. I know I may have overreacted, but what else could I have done when I saw all those pictures of them shopping and laughing together? I never gave him a chance to explain, but I didn't have to. Everyone had already said he was cheating, and I was completely humiliated and devastated. I sat there on the living room floor until i got a call around 2 AM from the hospital. Harry had been in a terrible accident after leaving my flat in the condition he was in. He was upset and heartbroken. Now he's terribly injured. I bolted to the door, not giving myself time to grab a jacket or clean myself up. It was freezing cold and pouring rain, but i didn't care. My boyfriend was in serious trouble. I got to the hospital and sprinted to Harry's room, slipping multiple times. When I got to his room I was stopped by a doctor with a pained expression on his face. I prayed and prayed for him to tell me good news as he began explaining.
Now I lie in my bed and somehow find the strength to stand up and drive down the street to see my lovely boyfriend. I sat down, wearing the engagement ring that he had bought that day he and amanda were shopping together. She gave it to me a few days after the accident, apologizing for the controversy of cheating rumors she had flared up, and telling me Harry would still want me to have it. I laid down on the grass, resting my head right where his chest should be 6 feet under me. As the tears began to fall again, I took a deep breath and said "I do."

the end
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