Love & Inspiration

In this story, a girl named Ella lives a harsh life at home. Having enough abuse at school (which I forgot to mention, sorry) , but she also has it at home due to her physically abusive father and her verbally & mentally abusive mother. Her life is miserable until she meets a man named Louis Tomlinson. We learn that age is but a number. Love & Inspiration !


2. It's Time.

I got up at around 9:30 to go downstairs an get breakfast. I tried scooting out if bed but I was way to tired to do that. I sat there for fifteen minutes and then forced myself up. I stood up and realized I had no clothes on. I was also sweating on my forehead and again my palms. I grabbed my large, purple bed sheet and hustled to the bathroom. I stepped onto the tile floor of the bathroom, which was freezing cold, and I looked in the mirror.
Shock filled my body, and tears gathered in my eyes. On the left side of my face I had a large bruise and my right eye, was blackened. I crashed to the bottom corner of the bathroom. I sat there and poured my eyes out, I can't do this anymore. I shoved on some clothes really quick and went off.
I walked downstairs, only to be visited by "them." Caroline looked at me and said very shallow tone, "You know that when you cry, your eyes get puffy." She turned around And I heard her mumble, "your already ugly enough.." I went to the refrigerator to grab an apple and some juice. From behind me I heard, "What the fuck do you think your doing?" I turned around and there stood my "male adult." I shifted my view to his face, and then I tried to run out the front door.
I dropped my breakfast at took off for the front door, my sweatpants flailing in the wind. He grabbed me and started to choke me. I screamed for my life and then from behind I heard,"Oh dear child, don't scream. It'll only get worse." Eventually my father let go, but when he let go he slung me over into the wooden bannister, which really hurt because I hit my head on one of the protruding pieces. I grabbed the bar to the bannister and tried to pull myself up.
I finally got up, feet on the floor and I heard my dad coming back for seconds. I took off up the stairs, only to be grabbed by my ankle and violently pulled down the steps. I heard the phone ring, and my dad let go to go answer it, being that my step-mother was in the back room doing whatever she does. "Stay here or your dead", he said very violent to me. I snuck upstairs, slowly but obviously quickly.
I got to the room and grabbed a beach bag that my mom gave to me when I was younger. She had embroidery in it with my initials "E.M.S" which stood for Ella Marie Swan. It was tannish, white with blue lacing at the top. I shove it full of some clothes and grabbed my diary. I pushed the window, only to hear "him" coming back up the stairs. I hoped out the onto the shingled room. I heard the door burst open, making me collapse onto the shingles. I lay there as quiet as I can.
I listened closer and heard him rummaging through my dresser, as I cry listening to my vases and perfumes hit the floor. "SMASH!" and there and that I knew that was the picture of my mother. Knowing that I scooted over to the edge of the roof to touch the bushes with my feet and escape. For a moment there was complete silence, besides the birds and such. The silence continued, but then I saw him erect his face from the window, making me shudder and slip into the bushes.
I got up as quickly as I could and took off down the street, letting my long honey brown hair flow in the wind. I kept running and then "BAM!" which obviously was the front door, but I kept on running. I saw a corner in which I ran around hoping that I could hide there for a while. I looked around and noticed a cellar. I thought for a moment as then hurried to get in. I vigorously opened the cellar doors and crept down.
I waited and then I heard my dad outside of the doors yelling, "Come out Ella, come out come out wherever you are." Childish I thought, but I kept silent. My breathing was heavy, so I laid my hand over my mouth hoping that he wouldn't hear me. Finally I heard him go back home, but I stayed crept down in the cellar for a moment. I found that the coast was clear and I exited. I looked around and saw a trail leading into the woods. My mind and heart told me to follow.
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