Love & Inspiration

In this story, a girl named Ella lives a harsh life at home. Having enough abuse at school (which I forgot to mention, sorry) , but she also has it at home due to her physically abusive father and her verbally & mentally abusive mother. Her life is miserable until she meets a man named Louis Tomlinson. We learn that age is but a number. Love & Inspiration !


3. He's The One.


 "I need to talk to Zayn... Look Harry I don't have time for this, I need to talk to Zayn.... because it's important. Harry I don't know what to do with you but anyways just tell Zayn to call me back...bye" Why has Harry been on my case lately. Anyways, I think walking this trail will help me get my mind cleared of Eleanor. We broke up two weeks ago and i'm still heartbroken. I was hoping that we were gonna get married and live a long happy life but I see how well that worked out. A tear slowly trailed down his cheeks, making his cheeks turn bright red.

 He continued onto the low-lighted trail full of beautiful colors. The trees crossed over making a beautiful arch made with the autumn colors of reds, yellows, browns, oranges, etc. He looked towardsthe ground and noticed the vibrant colored flowers that trailed down below. He took a step through, continued by multiple other steps.


I looked at the beautiful arches of the opening for the trail. The view was breathtaking. I started down the path, taking step by step. I smiled for once in a very long time as I watched the butterflies glide and listening to the bird's song. I twirled in circles letting my flowery purple dress flow in circles, no matter if there were flaws in it from my fall in the bushes. I danced in circles, proud to be happy and to have freedom. I started to sing, while I let every problem I've ever had just leave my mine. I twirled once more and then suddenly I felt a bump and I feel to the ground. I looked up and noticed a man who had brown, flowing hair and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. He was really cute and by the way that our eyes connected for a moment, I got butterflies in my stomach. "I'm really sorry my lady, here let me help you up", I heard him say. "Thank you", I replied and gave him a quick smile.
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