Love & Inspiration

In this story, a girl named Ella lives a harsh life at home. Having enough abuse at school (which I forgot to mention, sorry) , but she also has it at home due to her physically abusive father and her verbally & mentally abusive mother. Her life is miserable until she meets a man named Louis Tomlinson. We learn that age is but a number. Love & Inspiration !


1. A Miserable Life.

I awoke in the middle of the night to a loud "BANG!" My heart was pounding and my palms sweaty. I got out of bed as quickly as I could, shoving the large sheets off and hoping to the cherry hardwood floor. I shuffled across the floor as quietly and quickly as I could. Eventually I laid my palms on the cold door knob making me flinch but I turned the knob slowly. I also flicked one of the switches down, turning the fan off.
I slowly walked down the dark, carpeted hallway, making sure that I watch every step that I take. I took a couple steps and then another "BANG!" occurred. I sneaked over to the wooden bannister. I peeked my head over, noticing a site in which I couldn't bare to see. I saw my father hit my mother which made her cry. I couldn't take it anymore, an I screamed, "Mom!" I ran up the bannister again, hearing large footsteps coming behind me. I took of back down the hallway an into my low-lighted room.
I jumped into my bed and then my door slammed open which created a large dent in the wall. I could hear my mother screaming in pain downstairs. As he walked towards me, I felt a large hand across my face and then darkness.
I awoken from a dream that I have been having for around two months. I miss my mother and it kills my that I can't be with her. She had passed about a month ago and now I'm living with my abusive father and new, abusive wife. A couple weeks ago my dad remarried some woman that he met at work. Honestly, she makes me sick being the witch that she is.
I looked over at the clock, my vision blurry and my heart beating fast. It took my a moment before I could tell that the time was 3:32 a.m. I got out of my bed to go and use the bathroom which just had to be in the hallway. As I started to shuffle across the floor, I noticed that my room was very "stuffy." I hit the fan on the way out, hoping that it would feel better when I walked back in.
I got to the bathroom and went to place my hand on the knob when I heard banging noises downstairs followed by a "Give it to me, I need it!" I giggled hoping that they were arguing. I got done doing my "business" and I slowly walked down the stairs to hear more of what was going on. I stopped half way down the bannister and turned my attention towards the living room couch. I saw a site in which disgusted me. I saw my "adults" having sex. The way they held their faces and moved their bodies in hard, rocking movements made me want to puke. "I WANT MORE!" Caroline screamed (my step-woman, being that I'm not calling her mom). I heard my other adult say, "I'm close! I'm close...." Then I noticed that they both crashed into a heavy sleep.
I snuck back up the stairs an into bed, hoping that I could get that vulgar scene out of my head. I laid in bed and quickly fell into deep trance.
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