Save Him

Selena Gomez is half Vampire and half Sourcer.Her mother dies after a battle wit her dad.Selenas mother tells her the future that she will meet a boy and they will fall in love,but that she has to protect him from the voulturie or else theyll kill him,she also tells her that she has to find him.Selena doesnt believe her until 3 years later she finds him but doesnt knoe is him.Liam Payne .She recognizes the name but doesnt knoe from were.Selena and Liam become best friends but the voulturie are sent to kill her and him.What will happen?Will Selena battle and risk her life for Liam? Well youll have to read to find out.


2. My roomate

3 Years have passed after Selenas mom died.Selena got tired of living in that house full of memories that hurt her.So she decided that she will go to college with her bestfriend Demi.Demi knew Selena was a vampire and a Sourcer."Omg im so excited Selena I cant wait for us to go to our University and meet new friends'' said Demi cheerfully hoping into the car.''I knoe I cant wait the bad thing is your not my roomate''said Selena hoping int the drivers seat.''I knoe boo but thats a chance of meeting new friends and did you knoe that in that University you might get a boy roomate" "What!! I thought the government wouldnt allow it since their migth be creepy killers or rapist or something in their" "I knoe but they check them and see if they dont have weapons and only teens could share a room with teens and the older ones with the older ones '' ''Oh ok well i hope i dont get a teen rapist!!" said Selena.Suddenly they arrived at their University it was so huge.''OMG look at this !! ''said Demi "I knoe".They got all of their belongings toguether and said goodbye "Oh im going to miss you what building,floor,and room do you have" Asked Demi "Umm i have the 3rd building,4th floor,and room 507" "Oh ok well i got to go ill txt you okay" "Okay".They gave each other hugs and said goodbye.Selena arrived at her room and opened the door with her key." I hope im the first one hear" thought selena but her thought was wrong.Her roomate was their first unpacking luckily for her it was a boy.Oh no great i got a boy roomate can this get any worse,thought selena."Oh Hi love,didnt see you their"said the guy speaking with a british accent.He had dark brown hair with sparkling brown eyes "Oh Hi" "Whats your name,love" ''Oh umm Selena,Selena Gomez"."Oh nice to meet you Selena my name is Liam,Liam Payne."said Liam.Suddenly the name popped in Selenas mind.She recognized the name but doesnt kno from were.''Umm sorry to ask you this but have we met ?" "Umm no i dont think so i berly came from England Have you gone to Wolverhampton before ? " asked Liam "Uh Were"asked Selena "Thought so , i dnt think weve met why are you asking me that ?" "Uhh no reason well nice to meet you Liam I hope to be great friends so what is your schedule" "Umm here you go"handing her a paper with his schedule "Wow weve got evry class toguether" "Oh thats so cool great we could be best budds " said Liam cheerfully.Liam headed for his closet and put more clothes haging.Oh well apperenyly that cute,sexy,happily seemed guy was MY Roomate thought Selena.

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