Save Him

Selena Gomez is half Vampire and half Sourcer.Her mother dies after a battle wit her dad.Selenas mother tells her the future that she will meet a boy and they will fall in love,but that she has to protect him from the voulturie or else theyll kill him,she also tells her that she has to find him.Selena doesnt believe her until 3 years later she finds him but doesnt knoe is him.Liam Payne .She recognizes the name but doesnt knoe from were.Selena and Liam become best friends but the voulturie are sent to kill her and him.What will happen?Will Selena battle and risk her life for Liam? Well youll have to read to find out.


3. ending

Hi you guys Jenna here ive decided that i will end this story its just this story didnt came up how i wanted to i havent gotten any good ideas but i am going to update another story which is even better than this one sorry you guys but i really did not love the storyy

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