Save Him

Selena Gomez is half Vampire and half Sourcer.Her mother dies after a battle wit her dad.Selenas mother tells her the future that she will meet a boy and they will fall in love,but that she has to protect him from the voulturie or else theyll kill him,she also tells her that she has to find him.Selena doesnt believe her until 3 years later she finds him but doesnt knoe is him.Liam Payne .She recognizes the name but doesnt knoe from were.Selena and Liam become best friends but the voulturie are sent to kill her and him.What will happen?Will Selena battle and risk her life for Liam? Well youll have to read to find out.



"THATS IT !!!!! UGH IM GOING TO STOP BEING LITTLE MISS NICE GIRL ITS TIME TO END THIS BATTLEFIELD ONCE AND FOR ALL!!" yelled Selena.Selena was in the middle of a battle with her dad.He is an Evil Vampire and A apprentice .Her mom was in the battle but got hurt and is so weak that she might not make it.Selena's mom is an apprentice .Selena has a mix of a heritage right ther.She is  an apprentice and a vampire.Shes always wished on being normal.So she never wanted to be an Apprentice or Vampire ."Aghh" yelled selena being struck by the powers her dad struck her with.Selena is laying down on the grass trying to get up and continue fighting,but it was to late.Her father had just struck her mother with lightning.When he struck her mother mightve been so hurt."Ahh Selena i told you id win now i am going to leave now so youll have a little moment with your mother oh and watch out the voulturie will come and well you knoe kill you""UGHH I HATE YOU!! MOM MOM omg are you okay ?"asked selena running towards her crying "Honey im not going to make it""YES YOU WILL!!"said selena"No im pretty weak so i need to tell you something before i go""No mom you cant leave plese""Selena look i need to tell you something""But mo-"said selena being cut off by her mom"Selena listen you have to find this boy"said her mother making a picture of a boy appear"Who is he?"asked selena."Hes a guy you will meet you, guys will fall in love but the voultourie will try to kill him since he is the guy you love" "WHAT mom what are you talking about i dnt even knoe him how do you expect us to fall in love" "You will meet him youll do everything for him,care for him,not let no one hurt him sice your stronger you wont recognize him at all when you meet him you wont remeber the conversation but slowly you will his name is Liam Payne find him and do not let the voulturie hurt him ok" "Okay watever".An hour later her mom had dissapeared Selena was just sitting ther sobbing, hurt,she dint care about what her mother told her all she wanted was her to be rigth there with her.Selena just lost her mother and the battlefield.

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