Life With 5Boys

Lisa is Niall Horans sister and will she fall for one of the boys or do they fall for her.

P.S she lives with them

They are all wolves

Read to find out


2. People

I am not a big people person ican handle a few but more than 5 I will freak out by the way my name is pepper my brother is Niall Horan and his friends Liam Payne ,Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik,harry styles I have a feeling that the 4 other boys besides my bro have a crush on me.i have a crush on Liam he is so handsome.But he has a girlfriend but I don't think there dating well I know now cause there yelling at each other right now by the way Liam's girlfriends name is...

Nichol she is really pretty.let me tell you are fur colors...


Pepper-White with black specks
Niall-Black with white specks
Harry-redish brown

Niall and I are the same colors but reversed

Liam's pov

Pepper is very pretty exspecialy her coat.My girlfriend and I just broke cheated on me with this guy named Finn
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