when we kiss, your mouth, it burns,
where your lips brush my skin,
smoke rises from my body like dry ice.
i am dry ice, carved
with sharp hips and
a tiny waist, small breasts and
you can count the knobs of my spine against
your ribbed chest and stomach.


where your skin touches mine,
smoke rises from my body like dry ice.
it burns and it smarts, and i want more.
you push me farther than i have
ever wanted before to go,
it is new and i think i am scared but
i press closer and i can feel the
scorched smell of my skin, is it enough?


where our breath mingles,
steam rises from our throats like dry ice
your tongue is numb from the sweltering
heat of my mouth; i bite your lip and you
feel the sharpness of my hips ground into
your thigh and you enjoy the pain.
i can hear your pulse anticipating the next
touch of your fingers to my ribs, count them out.


where my hair touches your shoulder it fries
and you can taste the burnt scent,
i whisper in your ear
the sound delights you, and
you are aflame with my words;
you reply with rib-counting fingers
and draw a twelve on my birdcage chest.
your fingers are hot like dry ice.


i can feel the feral growl; it's rising.
you shudder as i press my lips
to your throat and growl along
with my smoldering fingertips
on your chest; dry ice.
i can feel the scritch scratch of your beard,
i can tell you'd like to nuzzle your face into my shoulder,
please, i want you to burn against my dry ice flesh.

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