In that Moment I Knew

RATED R. the first time she saw him she knew there was something about him that would keep her coming back for more. but the first time he said something to her was the moment she knew he was the one for her.
this is a harry hanfic.


1. The first time i saw him

"Come on Peyton!!'" My bestfriend Emily yelled from infront of me. we were walking down a busy rode in London and I was trailing behind her so I could look at all the sights. This was my first time to walk around since i moved to london from Alabama, in the United States. the moment i turned 18 was the moment i moved out and moved to london to live with my best friend Emily who had already been living here for past2 years. "Em!! i just got here! i would like to see all the sites!!', i shouted back to her.

"Pey, that doesnt mean you get the excuse to walk 2 miles per hour!!" i decided to let her have this argument becuase i didnt really want to fight with her today and we were going to Starbucks which is my favorite place. As we waked through the doors of the cafe i saw the back of his curly head and thought 'woah those curls are crazy' but the moment he turned around and i saw his face i knew there was something about him that would keep me coming back. i didnt know i was staring till i noticed him walking towards me. he only said one word but it was enough. i knew he was it. the guy i had been looking for. but ever since i got hurt by my boyfriend of 2 years cheating on me with my sister i promised to never let myself go that easy again.

"hey, im Harry" he said in that adorable accent as he stuck his hand out for me to shake. i was a little starstruck so it took me a moment to process that he was standing in front of me with his hand put out ready to shake mine. it wasnt until emily elbowed me that i snapped out of it.

"hey harry, im Peyton but most people just call me Pey" i babbled on as i shook his hand.

"Peyton... i like that" he said with a cheeky grin. i felt myself start to blush. i never blush! what is he doing to me!? i just giggled. then he added "i just orded my coffee would you like to sit with me by the window over there with my best mate louis. it seems your friend already found him though.." i looked over and sure enough emily was already over there laughing so hard tears were rolling down her face at something Louis said.

"i would love to." i said very boldly trying to redeem myself for my earlier blush. as we walked over i felt him keep sneaking glances in my direction, that made me really self conconcious. its not that i am a person that thinks theyre ugly but i dont really consider myself very pretty. im 5'5 with brown hair and blue eyes. i am not the typical really skinny girl but i wasnt fat. i had curves. in middle school i got made fun of for being fat but it all got better in high school because i was part of the band and those other kids were like my family. i still play clarinet in a symphony in london. its one of the reasons i moved here i think Harry noticed i kinda zoned out because he reached down and took my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. when we got to the table emily looked like she hit it off with louis. we all sat around the table for about an hour just laughing and tellling stories. the whole time with harrys hand in mine. i know we only met but i felt really comfortable with him and loved the way his fingers fit inbetween mine. before i knew it i realized it was almost 4:00 and i had rehearsal at 4:30. i hated to leave but i had to.

"hey harry i have to go" i whispered in his ear. he looked at me with these puppy dog eyes and i instently melted.

"do you have to?"

"yeah im sorry harry i really dont want to go"

"can i see you tonight?" he begged. there was no way i was going to miss an opertunity to see him again. i gave him my number and told him that i would be ready around 7. as he walked me out of the cafe he leaned towards me and i knew that he was about to kiss me. as much as i wanted to kiss him i just couldnt let it happen. just not yet. i leaned up fast and just pecked him on the cheek. i could see the disapointment in his eyes as i pulled away and it took everything i had to not just grab his face and crash my lips to his. i gave him a small smile and turned to walk away. as i was walking down the street towards our apartment i heard emily running up behind me. at least i thought it was her. he grabbed my arm and twisted me around. it took me about half a second to reconize that it was harry then he was kissing me. it wasnt a full makeout session but it was enough to have me gasping for air when he pulled away.

"im sorry but as you were walking away i realized i had to have a kiss from you" he said while smiling cheekily.

"haha you're apologizing for kissing me??" he just shrugged.

"ill see you tonight Peyton" and with that he turned and started walking back to the cafe where louis and emily still sat just chatting not realizing that i was already falling for harry styles. one of the most lusted for boys in the world. 1/5 of one direction. peyton, what are you getting yourself into?



******************************************** A/N

thanks for all of you reading!!! please leave me comments tellling me what you think! and even things i could do better!!! i also need another character to be zayns girlfriend. email me your characters first and last name, apearences, and attitude, and how she meets zayn. email it to me at thanks!! love yall!! -Peyton(:

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