In that Moment I Knew

RATED R. the first time she saw him she knew there was something about him that would keep her coming back for more. but the first time he said something to her was the moment she knew he was the one for her.
this is a harry hanfic.


3. The date. MATURE CONTENT 15+ please!!!!

When we got to his car he walked me to the passenger’s side and opened the door for me and allowed me to get in then closed it again and walked to his side to get in. When he got the car out onto the road he reached out, very confidently I might add, and rested his hand on my thigh. There was no way I was going to complain because I craved this just as much as he did, but I decided to be a tease and to make him want me more. “What do you think you’re doing Styles?” I questioned. He just glanced over then started to massage his thumb into my thigh turning me on. “Making you horny as hell.” He growled in reply. Fuck. Just he saying those words was enough to soak my thong. I was so turned on it wasn’t even funny and all he’s done is massage my leg and say one dirty thing!! “What the fuck kind of game are you playing Harry???” I whimpered out. “How about we skip dinner at a nice restaurant and we just go to my flat.” He suggested seductively. He pulled up at his flat without even waiting for an answer. Damn it Peyton, you hardly know this guy and you already want to just his bones!

He jumped out his side of the car and came to mine and picked me up bridal style and carried me to his front door where he was able to unlock it while holding me! When we walked in I gasped. His flat was so big and gorgeous!! He had a vintage theme going on but with a 70 inch flat screen TV mounted above his fire place. “Wow Harry, your flat is beautiful!” “Just like you.” He replied while starring intently at my face. With that he started to lean down towards me and I got the hint I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling my head up to close those last few inches. Then our lips met and it was amazing. You know that feeling all the fairy tales say happens when you kiss your true love it’s like fireworks? Well that’s what I felt when my lips met Harry’s. I’m not saying Harry’s my soul mate but what I am saying is that this man is not getting out of my hands for a very long time.

When his lips met mine was when it escalated very quickly he released me from bridal style and slammed me up against the wall in his living room kissing me. His tongue traced me lower lip asking for entrance which I gladly allowed. My hands went through his hair grabbing hold of his curls to deepen the kiss. His hand went up under my dress and quickly took it off over my head while I did the same to him but with his shirt. He reached down and cupped my butt so that I was lifted up off the ground and I quickly realized what he wanted and wrapped my legs around his waist, our lips never losing contact. He then proceeded to carry me to what I assumed was the master bedroom and he threw me on the bed and quickly got back over top of me. He wasted no time in unclipping my bra and setting my C boobs free. He immediately set to work on them with his mouth and hand. He was sucking on one nipple and flicking it with his tongue while massaging the other one so it got just as much attention. Soon, I couldn’t take it anymore and I reached down and undid the buckle of his belt then quickly the button of his jeans and slid them down with his boxers so he was completely naked above me. What I saw when I looked at his dick astounded me. There were only 3 words that I could think when I saw it “So. Fucking. Big” I didn’t realize that I said it out loud till Harry leaned down and whispered in my ear “And it all about to be slamming into your tight, wet, glorious pussy.” I was suddenly actually frightened at the thought that something that huge could fit inside me. I thing Harry knew what I was thinking because he then his eyes softened and he said “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Peyton.” There was no way I wasn’t going to have him fuck me tonight so my only reply was, “I want you to fuck me as hard as you possibly can Harry.” And with that his eyes went dark and he quickly removed my thong and just slammed into me. I gasped out in surprise at the feeling of something so big inside me and he paused a moment to let me adjust to his length. Then when he felt my walls start to release a little bit he started slamming into me with so much force I started to slide up the bed. He reached behind one of my knees and cupped it up so he could have better access to my pussy and just slammed into me like a pro. I was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors were going to file a noise complaint, but harry didn’t seem to mind. Soon my toes were curling and I was about to have to best orgasm I have ever had and when my walls finally started to tighten and contract harry thrust into me even harder than I thought possible and finally I came while screaming Harry’s name and he groaned above me and I felt him cum inside me before he quickly rolled off me and laid next to me, both of us panting trying to catch out breaths.

Soon though he caught his breath and he reached his hand down and started massaging the inside of my thigh right below my vagina. He heard me start to breathe hard again and he slowly started planting kisses from my boobs and trailed them slowly downward, never losing eye contact with me, to my pussy where he just licked it once causing me to let out a slight moan. He grinned at my reaction and he slipped one long finger into me causing me to arch my back in pleasure. He slowly started sliding that one finger in and out. It was antagonizing! He was just watching me waiting for me to beg. “Please, Harry” I whimpered out. And with that he had two of his long fingers inside me with increasingly faster speed and his mouth was licking and sucking my clit bringing me to ecstasy faster than I ever thought possible. When I was finally able to regulate my breathing I looked over at harry and his huge man hood and decided to do him a little favor. I pushed harry off me and made him sit at the edge of the bed where I proceeded to kneel down in front of him. He realized quickly what I had in mind because his eyes widened right as I placed the head of his dick inside him mouth and started to swirl my tongue around it. I knew what I was doing. I was quite the party animal in high school and had every boy begging for me to give them a blow job. I then took his dick out of my mouth and ran my tongue down his considerable length then back up and repeated this till he begged me for more. I then reached down and started to massage his balls and placed his dick in my mouth and slid my head all the way down till I was deep-throating him and his length was completely in my mouth. He started to groan and he started thrusting into my mouth. But soon I pulled back up and started to bob my head up and down his dick. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, PEYTON” he moaned when he started to cum. I swallowed every last drop and then placed a tiny kiss on the head of his penis. Then he laid back and pulled me up so I was laying with my head and breasts on his chest and his arms were around me and his right hand tracing up and down my spine till we fell asleep like this. In each others arms.





Sorry for the long chapter! Tried to make up for not posting in a while! I know it got a little steamy! Hoped you liked it!!!

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