In that Moment I Knew

RATED R. the first time she saw him she knew there was something about him that would keep her coming back for more. but the first time he said something to her was the moment she knew he was the one for her.
this is a harry hanfic.


2. That Night.

After rehearsal I went home to get ready for my date with Harry. I decided to wear my new dress that was black and stopped mid-thigh. It was a little on the short side but I knew Harry would love it. I put on black 4 inch pumps that really made my legs look good. I put on the same amount of eye liner I usually do which is top and bottom but not a lot on the bottom, and I did my eyelids with a smokier look which really showed off my high cheek bones. My natural hair is really crazy curly, a little too curly for my taste so I straightened it like I always do but this time I curled back my bangs so it would shape my face better. Right as I finished getting ready, I heard a knock on my door. I walked down the stairs and when I opened the door there stood very handsome Harry wearing black dress pants with a white shirt and a black bow tie. Right when I opened the door Harry’s jaw dropped. He just stood there looking me up and down practically eye raping me. When he looked back at my eyes I could see his eyes had turned a darker shade of green and were filled with lust and desire. This night was not going to stay rated PG… I couldn’t wait.


"You, look, amazing...” he finally managed to stutter out. I started to blush and he just grinned at that fact he could make me blush.


"You don’t look so bad yourself British boy" I said flirtatiously and added a wink in there. Man, I could be just as cheeky as he could if he really wanted to play this game!


"Shall we go, beautiful?" he asked me as he put his arm forward ready to escort me to his Audi. I grabbed his arm and he led me to the car for our first date together.

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