The secret

Mya was at a coffee shop and finds a guy will she tell him her secret that she only told 1 person


6. Through The Years

Jason and Emy are very close. Liam discoverd that Jason can turn into a wolf. There is something odd about Emy I don't know where got it from but she can read Mingus and turn invisible.But anyways the kids are 17 & 161/2.Jason told me that Emy was getting bullied at school again and that she told the teachers.I got very angry and well called Liam and told him everything he told me to call him at 7:30 tonight.One day Jason came home with 5 of his good friends a parently their spending the night tonight but there going to have to keep it down because Liam told me that he is going to surprise the kids when they get home.He also told me he had a surprise for me and said that the boys have to stay at are for a will because umm... Paul said so. I told him they have to sleep in the 2 guest rooms then.
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