The secret

Mya was at a coffee shop and finds a guy will she tell him her secret that she only told 1 person


7. Surprise Surprise

Liam called me and tolled me he was 5 minutes from home.When he got home I called the kids.when they came up Jason's friends did to.

Liam's Pov.

When I got home mya called the kids.As soon as they got up here Jason had 5 friends over.Emy was so so happy she couldn't believe that I and the
Ads were home.She gave all the lads a hug and when it came to me she said..."Hello daddy I missed you very much."I missed you to baby girl"then Jason came up and gave us all are hugs and said,"hey dad I missed you.when you were gone I look after Emy in school."I missed you to son and thank you for watching out for you little sister by the way before I forget who are you friends?","oh this is Zach,Joey,Jay,Gunner,and Hunter","nice to meet you boys","nice to meet you to Mr.Payne."they all soon as the lads Jason and his friends & Emy went to theyer rooms.i tolled mya to close her eyes.i went to get are German Sheperd mixed with a golden retriever.When I came back inside and tolled her to open her eyes she oped her eyes and was speechless finally she asked what her name was I said whatever you pick.the name was Taylor.Niall came up asking for food I'm guessing he was hungry. :)
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