The secret

Mya was at a coffee shop and finds a guy will she tell him her secret that she only told 1 person


3. Love at first sight

Liams pov

When we went on are date she was so beautiful, outstanding, marvelous, incredible
I thought she was the one when we went out wow!
We went out to "Olive Garden" it was awesome.we went to the beach it was beautiful.

Me-This is Beautiful

Mya-I know right

Me-but not as beautiful as you.

Mya was speechless I'm guessing that that meant a lot to her.
She was the one for me when I first layed an eye on her I new she was.

Fast fowerd one year>>>

Mya pov

I haven't met the lads yet well besides my brother so and today I get to Liam says to be prepared for loudness so but I am.

Later that day before we left Liam said/asked...

Liam-umm...Mya would...would you like to move in with me and umm... The lads are very nice.

Me-liam... YES!yes I would.

Liam-great! want to start paking tommarrow?


We went I met the boys they are loud but also sweat Liam Im guessing is the serious one,louis is imuture one,Zayn is the vayn one,Harry is the flirt,and Niall is the Hungary one.

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